Sunday, March 8, 2009

Movin' on up!!'s going to be done to the wire, but it looks like we have purchased a new house. There are some odds and ends that we need to finalize, but it is looking VERY positive. We will be moving to St. Peters, a place we never thought we would end up. Our game plan opened up many financial opportunities and areas of St. Louis (St. Chuck) that we never thought we would live. We always said, we would never go "across the bridge," but when you start looking it will suck you in just like everybody else. It's a good feeling to know where will be going for our next chapter. Additionally, we will be closer to our sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and cousins. Unfortunately we will be moving further away from our parents and some of our closest friends. The house if great and a perfect opportunity to enhance our lives. For many this is a bad market and horrible economy, but fortunately for us it has presented an awesome opportunity for us financially. We will (hopefully) be getting into a house that would otherwise not be able to afford now or maybe ever. So many houses are priced way below market value, one of the reasons we decided to sell now versus wait six months, year or so. That is the latest and I will be sure to post more information (and pictures) as we get everything finalized and move in!!. Jeffy and Lucy are really excited about all the extra running space they will have. I personally am excited about my new walk-in closet!!