Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pop The Bubbly

Happy New Year Friends!  I hope you have a wonderful celebration no matter what you have planned.

Here's to an amazing New Year in 2012, full of many, many wonderful things for both you and your loved ones!


Much Love,

Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

It's time.  To put them down on "paper."  To lay it all out there.

My goals for 2012:

1. Join a gym - I'll always belonged to a gym.  After moving 2 years ago and never finding one suitable for my likes and needs I cancelled my membership and stopped going.  I've been doing some exercising outside, occasional yoga in the house and a post dinner dance party here and there, but that's it.  It's time to get SERIOUS.

2. Schedule and run 4 5Ks - starting with the St. Louis St. Patty's Day 5 mile which is longer than a 5K, go me!

3. Meal plan - we are HORRIBLE at this.  We eat well and almost always from our own kitchen, assuming you don't count the past week or so, but we are the WORST planners when it comes to meals.  With Pinterest, there is no excuse.  I've tried several of the recipes the past month or so and they have all been great.

4. Budget - We kind of have one and for the past two years we said we are actually going to sit down and do a spreadsheet and try to put more money away and we still haven't.   This year it's happening.  We have 401Ks, IRAs, etc., but we could be doing more.  Momma needs a condo at the lake and a boat and that is not going to happen any time soon unless we start saving, oh and I have student loans and a child to send to college!

5. Use Craigslist to make some extra $$ - we have so much in our basement that we never use, never touch.  It just sits there collected dust and spiderwebs.  For Christmas, I got the start to my new dining set and now I have my red, somewhat chipped Crate & Barrel set from my wedding registry ready to sell.

6. Finish Mia's big girl room transformation - As easy as it would be to just buy everything all at once and be done with it, those kinds of benjamins don't exist in our household, especially this time of year, so it will be a work in progress.  I still need to paint her furniture, her tree (more to come on that later) and add her chandelier that I will be making from an older piece (more to come on that later).  I'm trying to be thrifty with this project.  No need to go buy all new stuff, except her bedding of course.

7. Organize - our kitchen and laundry room could use some assistance.  I have referenced my "get your crap off the island" station once or twice before.  With all the thrifty, relatively inexpensive options out there this will be so refreshing once it's complete.

8. Rebuild our deck - HUGE project.  Luckily the Hubs is handling this one.  It's been on our list since we moved into our house, but there is a thing called time that he doesn't have much of.  It's happening this spring and we're both very excited about it.  We love our deck and use it a lot in the spring and summer, so we'll be excited for the new space.

9. Breathe and SLOW down - I get caught up a lot in the day to day and what there is to always be doing.  Whether at work or at home, I consistently feel like I'm being tugged in a million different directions.  I would like to slow down and smell the flowers a little bit more.  Time is a ticking and I'm not getting any younger.  My child is growing so fast and I need to embrace her even more than I already do.  And my Hubs, he and I are just trying to do what we can to provide for our amazing family and often we lose what got us here in the first place. So 2012 we will attempt to bring it back to us and focus on spending more time together.  Thanks to my sister who lives close by, we are going to alternate date nights so we ensured a date night every other month.  We need that time!

10. Be Inspired - There are a lot of amazing people in my day to day real life and my Twitter/Blog life.  I'm very lucky and amazingly blessed.  I need to feed off of all of this good energy and stay away from those that try to bring me down.  I did well with this in 2011 and hope to continue.

Do you set goals for yourself?  If not, why?

If so, what are you bringing to the table in 2012?  What do you most hope to accomplish?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My One Christmas Fail

This Christmas was AMAZING!  A 2 year old might be the funnest age at Christmas.  Anyway, it was magical, just as I hoped.

Christmas Eve night, we went and looked at Christmas lights and we put Mia to bed after getting the cookies, milk and carrots ready for Santa.  She was excited, you could tell, especially when it came to actually settling down and going to sleep.

So we did our usual routine, jammies, brush our teeth, books, cuddles, one more kiss from Daddy and then tucked her (snug as a bug in a rug, mind you) and said Good Night.  She seemed settled for the night, but with Christmas anticipation.

I quickly grabbed the remainder of the gifts from my super secret stashing area and headed downstairs to fill her stocking and finish wrapping her remaining gifts.  I was getting way excited!

Within about 1.2 minutes, Mia was standing in front of my face, "Hi Momma" as I was stuffing her stocking full of goodies.

Sh*@! (Note, that is not what I actually said, I have much control thankyouverymuch). Mom Fail.

I grabbed her hand and we quietly went back to bed.  This whole big girl bed thing is great and all, but um, they can get out.  It was a flash back to the days when she was climbing out of her crib.

Anyway, all was quiet and good within a few minutes and we went back to our business.

Lesson learned.  Mommy and Daddy need to be a little bit more patient when finishing Santa's work on Christmas Eve.

As much of a fail as it may have been, I love the excitement on Christmas Eve especially through the eyes of child, but even more so the excitement in the Hubs and I getting ready to make her morning just perfect.  I think we did pretty well.

The next morning the Hubs and I were awoke (at approximately 7:00 am; it appears my child no longer sees the need to sleep past 7:30 am now that she has a big girl bed) with a, "Momma, I awake!!" as she busts open our bedroom door and runs to our bed. She was so excited to get downstairs, but first I had to remind her to go check her tree in her bedroom and make sure Santa didn't leave a little something for her there.  He did.  Mom win!

A Christmas morning at its absolute finest.

And that my friends, makes me the happiest Momma in the world.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whatcha Apping? Whatcha Reading?

I'm happy to announce I am the official owner of a brand spankin' new iPad (did I mention how much I love my Hubs and his big surprises on Christmas).

We're loving it (especially Mia).  It's just as awesome as I thought it was going to be.

Now that I have tackled the playroom and am just about finished with Mia's big girl room, I'm almost ready to get reading again.

So all you iPad folks out there, I need some things from you:

1. Suggested apps that are good for toddlers

2. Suggested books that I could put on my Kindle app.  I posted this same request on Twitter over the weekend and it was all about The Hunger Games.  Anything else out there?  Not that I'm opposed but I like variety.  I'm currently finishing The Help (that I have been reading off and on for months), but once I'm done it's game on Kindle.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

From My Family To Yours

May your day be merry and bright, full of laughter and love and may the New Year ahead be your best one yet!!

Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gets Your Craft On Yo

I love to craft and I freakin' love Pinterest.  Not that this is new information to any of you that follow me on the regular or know me in "real" life, but me and my glue gun are becoming fast besties (can you believe I just bought one for the first time about a month ago?  Me either.).

The ideas are amazing.  Like a). the recipe I have found for Christmas brunch that is to mimic one of my all time favorites (will post recipe after I actually make it and taste it), b). making things for people that are getting married in the near future, aka my wonderful assistant Myrrah, c). finding fun ideas for Mia's big girl room and d). finding inspiration for my "get your crap off the island"/organization station for my kitchen.

Here's my latest craft project, Myrrah's Christmas gift.

I love how it turned out.  It was so easy and it cost me all of $22.  Thank you Michaels and your sales and your handy dandy coupons.

And most importantly, she loved it! Like giddy, I'm young and getting ready to get married and am so excited to see my new last name in a frame giddy. #winning

Merry Christmas Eve!  Santa's almost here!  I'm so excited (and so is Mia)!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me

So I ordered one of my own gifts this year.  One that was supposed to be from my husband to me.  I didn't want him to stress about having to order it; I'm just that awesome of a wife (ahem).  And let's be honest ladies, do we really think the Hubs was going to get on etsy and actually order something from there even if it is for his one and only?  Even if I had a discount code?

I needed to have it after AP posted her love for it (and a discount code) on her blog.

What DSLR owner doesn't need one is the real question.

Anyway, it came yesterday.  I just told the hubs no worries, he didn't need to wrap it.  Again, I'm just that awesome of a wife.  He works so hard all day and I just wanted him to relax.

I heart it.  A lot.  And I'm pretty sure my pictures will now be better because of it.

Merry Christmas to me.

Thanks Hubs.  I love you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Battlefield

Yesterday, I got this text:

OK, so my daughter is being an evil monster today.  She scratched Mia when they were fighting over Barbies and Mia has a pretty good mark on her face...Mia's not the only victim, she also punched Rhys in the stomach.  I'm so sorry, my next step is solitary confinement...I felt so bad for Mia, I think she was more hurt that her friend would do that rather than physically hurt.  She looked so sad...KK may be possessed by some sort of demon today.  Texting an exorcist next.

So a little background, my good friend Kerry runs a daycare out of her home.  It's only a few kids and her daughter Kaelyn (KK) is a few months older than Mia.  Mia goes there 1-2 days a week depending on the week.

Two year olds do not love to share.  Everything is "mine!"  Put two of them together on a cold wintery day where it may be a tad cold to run the energy off outside and these things happen.

I was sad for my girl because she really is a sweet heart and always has been concerned aobut others. Even at just two, you can see it. She doesn't like when others are sad or mad, especially if it involves her.  It was one of those Mommy guilt moments that I have often.  At work, nothing I can do until I go pick her up type deal.

Poor Kerry felt awful, you could tell.  I'm not sure how that woman does it each and every day.

When I picked her up, she was same ole' happy and smiling Mia with a couple of battle wounds from her day.

She talked about "KK scratch me" all through dinner, but as with the wonderful resilience of children's skin, the scratches will be gone in another day or two.  It's amazing how quick they heal.

After dinner, she took a bath and then she helped Daddy finish in the kitchen.

Just another day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Ode To Fun Christmas People

And You Thought Your Decorations Were Cool

(I almost titled it I'm Glad I'm Not Your Neighbor or Look At This Crap Ton Of Work or Holy Electric Bill, but that would make me old and very bah humbug).

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I'm horribly unmotivated this week.

2. I'm horribly exhausted so far this week.

3. I still have yet to buy one single thing for the hubs for Christmas, besides chapstick for his stocking.  He is just that hard to buy for.

4. Today is our work holiday luncheon and I'm excited to meet our new employees from our merger.

5. I tried a new glittery nail polish idea last night and it's ok, wish I had more of a silver glitter though.

6. I came up with a really cool Christmas gift for my assistant yesterday.  She's getting married in May and I think she'll love it (thanks Pinterest).

7. We had homemade deli sandwiches last night, ya know the kind with french bread and they were just as awesome as I thought they would be.

8. The Hubs calls Mia a super hero sometimes and she'll respond with "I'm not a super ritto Dad."  Cracks me up.

9. I decided yesterday I'm bringing Baked Potato Soup to my sisters on Christmas (again thank you Pinterest).  It's the crock pot kind and it's supposed to be as good as Houlihan's.  If you don't have a Houlihan's or have never had their soup, I'm sorry.  You should.  It's the bomb.

10. When Mia wears jeans she looks like a "big kid."  Some days I want to put her in a onesie just cause, too bad she's too big for those now.

11. We are picking up Mia's big girl bed on Friday.  Not a bunk bed, but a full.  We picked up two antique-ish pieces for her room last week.  AND Target has her bedding on sale.  It will be a work in progress, but I'm excited for the transformation.  There will be a chandelier involved and I'm super pumped.

12. Speaking of, how awesome would it be to decorate for a living, especially with an unlimited budget.

13. While getting ready this morning, I thought about how awesome it is going to be on Christmas at my sisters - we will have Sangria AND Bloody Marys.  Priorities. Woot!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Just about 4 weeks old here:

Insane cuteness right?

I canNOT believe we are getting ready to celebrate her third (THIRD!!!) Christmas.

As I finally had the opportunity to get some shopping done this weekend and get my wrap on, I've really gotten excited.

And Mia can barely stand that there are presents under the tree that she cannot open right.this.very.second.

This year is the first year that we will be starting one of my most favorite traditions from my childhood.  Growing up, my Dad always had the "One More Thing" gift.  That one thing that he saved for after we were all done with the rest of our presents, when we thought all of our presents were opened.  It was typically on a larger scale and often was a gift for all three of us (2 sisters) to share.  It would be hidden in the basement or a closet. We had the "no snooping" and "stay out of the parents room" rules during Christmas which always made the mystery that much more exciting.

Mia will have her first "One More Thing" this year and I can't wait!  Wrapping it yesterday afternoon really got me excited for Christmas and officially giddy about the upcoming holiday.  My Hubs showed a bit of a twinkle yesterday too.

As crazy as it always is, I really, truly love this time of year.  It's so exciting, magical and fun and now that our daughter is old enough to start to understand Christmas it just makes my heart full.  I want nothing more this Christmas than to see that magic in Mia's eyes on Christmas morning and throughout the day.

Merry Christmas week everyone!  Hope it's a great one!

What are some of your favorite traditions?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Where does it go?

It's so hard to ever believe what my life was like before she came along.

Seriously, I die.

And now...

She's going through the Toys R Us catalog telling me what she wants and pointing out what she already has (which is supposedly anything that has Dora, Sponge Bob or any other character she recognizes).

I just love this kid.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Message Are You Sending?

This time of year is not always so Christmas-y due to some "family issues," but I try to keep strong and stay tough for my family.  But some days are harder than others and continuing to see the look on my hubs face when we try to discuss it just breaks my heart.  Each and every single year.

However, I will stay strong and Christmas-y for Mia's sake because she's a child, our child and that is what she deserves.  No matter how others (ahem....adults) behave, this is about her and the other kids in our family.  I want to make each Christmas magical not just with material things and a bazillion presents, but with time and traditions.

This is my FAVORITE time of year.  FAV.O.RITE!!!  I will not let childish and selfish behavior change my feelings about this holiday nor will I lie down and let my husband continue to feel disappointment and embarrassment because of these issues.  It's not his fault, but he blames himself.a.lot. And that my friends is a hard battle to watch.

It saddens me.  Every year we go through this.  Every year we talk about this.  Every year nothing changes and often it gets worse.  Here we are just about a week away and the emotions are running pretty high.

As a parent, this has taught me many things, but most importantly it has taught me that I will do anything to make sure that my daughter knows that I/we love her.  She will always feel safe, welcome and loved in our home.  She will be raised with a full and open heart.  She will know that her parents will do whatever they can to make sure that she knows that she is something and someone very, very special.

I just wish all parents would send the same message.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Holiday Cousin Love

I'm not sure they can get much cuter!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you're all having a great week!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Little About Me

Thank you to Ashley from over at Gratitude and Latitude for letting me steal her idea; I'm sharing a little bit about me on this fine Tuesday.

Guilty pleasure?
Nachos with a lot of cheese and a lot of salsa.  It's my go to snack and I love it!
Also, Twitter.  I just started using it in 2011 after much resistance from the hubs recommendation and I'm borderline obsessed, addicted, whatever you want to call it.

Recent splurge?
$60 on a dress and $60 on a pair of shoes in one week.  I never spend that kind of money on myself, but I had to have red heels.  Just had to.

In bulk, I buy?
Paper towels, toilet paper, wipes and diapers.  Thank you Sam's.

My go-to flower?
It depends on the time of year.  I like to keep fresh flowers in my kitchen and I just go with the season and the colors.  Right now I have white and green, before that I had yellows and browns.

Comfort food?
Anything super carby, but I love, love love spaghetti with lots of parmesan cheese on top!

For breakfast?
Nutri-Grain bar and a multi-vitamin.  Typically with a glass of juice.  Once I get to work I have a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer, this time of year it's Coffeemate Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha.

For dinner?
My husband is definitely the cook of the house.  I'm very lucky there, so whatever he comes up with.  I cook periodically.  My tacos rock and thanks to Pinterest I've tried a few things that will be making regular appearances in my kitchen - chicken taquitos for example.  We eat a lot of chicken because I'm not a huge fan of red meat.  Last night we had asian chicken.  It was deeelish!  My favorite thing ever that he just created on a whime, chicken pita burgers.  I will share this someday, because they are awesome, filling, yet light in the calorie department!

Love/hate relationship with?
Working full time.  I love it most days, but I hate it some days.  I hate that I have to leave my daughter, but I love that I'm moving up and was just named an executive in my company right before Thanksgiving.  It's a hard pill to swallow somedays, but I know the reward is worth the sacrifice.

Can't stop watching?
New Girl, The Office, Parks and Rec, Mike & Molly, anything HGTV, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Khloe and Lamar, Scouted (just caught this over the weekend and it's making my list), American Idol, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Real World (don't judge), Jersey Shore (yup, quality TV at its finest) and Family Guy. 

Dreaming about?
The day we can finally buy a boat and a condo at the lake.  It's on our 10 year plan, after the student loans are paid off.  I may or may not already be searching ideas on Pinterest for decorating this condo.that.does.not.exist and I may occasionally search Craigslist for boats and condos.

Every girl should have?
I have to agree with Ashley on this 100%.  It doesn't have to be the more the merrier in this case.  I am lucky to have a select few that I can reach out to at any time of any day and I know they'll answer...An outlet. Whether it is your best friend, mom, husband... just someone you can vent to, cry to, bitch to, or celebrate with at any time of the day.

My style in five words?
Very gray, black and white (and it drives my mother crazy).  

I love wearing?
Bold rings and hair accessories

Dream job?
Radio.  I started in Communications and wanted to be the next Bob Costas.  Seriously.  I think about it often.  How fun it would be and what a difference it would be from what I do now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I Need Someone With Magic Powers and I'm NOT Kidding

So yeah, yesterday sucked.

After a lovely, uneventful and relaxing Saturday evening, I woke up Sunday morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.  I was going to church.  It has been months since I've last been in the house of God and let me tell you I've felt like a visit would assist me with some emotional "things" I've been dealing with lately.  So I was pumped even though I had to wake up via alarm on the weekend.  Not my favorite thing.

Anyway, I got myself up and ready and then went and woke up the princess and got her ready.  We were out the door on time!  Score 1 for Mom!  Right before I went to go wake up Mia, I opened my drawer to grab my wedding ring (as I always do every morning) and it was not there.  Small moment of panic.  Ummmm....

I didn't wear it at all on Saturday.  Sometimes I don't on Saturdays.  I do a lot of running and I'm normally cleaning and usually not showered (eeewwww).

So I think, hmmmmm....Mia.  She plays with it a lot.  Should have kicked that habit a long time ago.  But usually one of us is watching her when she has it.  And it's cute.  Not so cute now, but it's cute.  She was upstairs with the Hubs on 2 occasions Saturday when I was not up there.

I briefly wake up the Hubs and his first comment is, well it's insured.  Ummm no Hubby, no.  Not.the.point.

So we're off to church.  I feel good after the service.  Ready to take on my day.  Mia spent the service in the nursery with my Mom, so it was some nice alone time with God and my thoughts.

We proceeded to my bestie's house where we had our Annual Gingerbread House making, which is always fun.

Afterwards, I proceeded home and the Husband and I tore our house upside down and Mia napped for a whopping 45 minutes. His mood about it was a little different now that he was actually awake.

We found nothing but dust and a quarter.

I fought off tears for most of the search.  It's a really crappy feeling.  I don't want a new one.  I want my original ring.  The one that my Husband put on my finger that beautiful August evening when he proposed.  Yes, that one.

So send me some good ring finding juju and say a prayer or two for me will ya.  Or if you know anyone with magic powers of any kind, send them my way kay?

I'm only working a half day today because I am determined to find my ring.

Update: I found it.  Within 15 minutes of being home.  I had so many sweet responses and support from you guys.  I'm not sure who sent the luck my way, but I am very grateful.  I have now been able to spend my afternoon on the couch with my computer.  And the husband, is beyond excited.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Party Pics

We had a blast and against my better judgement I stayed up too late and drank too much vino.  This morning was a rough start.  I was quite certain I was dying when I woke up.  But I'm feeling better after my breakfast of champions that included Twizzlers and a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I just can't hang anymore, especially not on a school night.  That kind of activity needs to be happenin' on the weekends.  Me + 6 hours of sleep = tired, cranky and hungry.  This girl is a 8 hour minimum sleeper during the work week.  The brain needs rest.

The day is slowly moving towards 4:00 so that I can head on out of dodge, go get my girl (didn't get to see her AT ALL yesterday - sad face) and start of the weekend with a stop for pizza (I've been thinking about it all day, seriously), my jammies and Mia cuddles.

Anyway, here's the pics I promised.  I don't have any full shots with my shoes :(

Have an awesome weekend!  See you next week!

My assistant and I.  She's awesome (she brought me the Twizzlers and Diet DP this morning).  
I'm really lucky to have her and I need to remember that more often than I do.  

 Our party was held at the Kemp Auto Museum this year.  The place is amazing.  
The entire perimeter was lined in classic cars.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pardon The Interruption

Holy hell has broken loose in STL.  Geezus Mageezus.

OK, so if you know anything about me you know I am a HUGE Cardinals fan.

Our biggest star, #5, Mr. Albert Pujols himself, was up for free agency at the end of this year.  Now folks, he states that he is 31 years of age, but I'm quite certain that is a fib.  Dude, seriously, who are you kidding.  Since our World Series win (can I get a Woot! Woot!!), the question has always been will he stay or go.

I didn't really care either way.  Has the Albert run been fun, absolutely, but is it the end all be all of Cardinals baseball, no.  Not in my opinion.  Again, he's 31 (ahem.).

Anyway social media and the news outlets are blowing up that he has just signed a $260 million dollar, 10 year deal with Anaheim.

People are pissed and sour about it.  Like he's greedy, cares nothing about our city and is all about the money.

Listen up people, this world revolves around the benjamins.

Don't be so offended.  It's nothing personal, just business.

If you were sitting at your breakfast table, making a decision between a $220 million job offer or a $260 million, which would you take??

Our town does not have the big money dollars like the larger markets do.  Why would we want to tie up all of our money on one guy, who is a great athlete and a phenomenal baseball player (shall I mention again, but getting older), for another 10 years and have limited opportunity for other players, and younger players.

We will be fine.  This is Cardinal Nation.

Hey Fielder, how you doin?'

Phew, so glad to have gotten that off my chest.

Now you may resume your regularly scheduled programming.

All images courtesy of Google Images.

Tonight I Get To Play Dress Up

Tonight is an annual Holiday Party for a organization that I am involved with through work.  I'm on their Board of Directors.  It's very exciting to feel important and be able to get all dressed up for a nice dinner and a few cocktails.  And even better, my Hubs gets to go with me so it kind of feels like a mini date night.  I always buy something new for the occasion because I don't really have many occasions to buy (or even wear) a nice dress and new heels.  And what girl doesn't love to play a little dress up.

1. Black dress
(I found a great deal (even cheaper than the online price), at JCPenney's nonetheless, never in a million years did I think I would buy something there.  JCPenney always equaled frumpy to me, but they have taken things up quite a few notches and their sales! Amazing. Thanks Mom for the suggestion and convincing me to step out of my shopping comfort level.  She even emailed me yesterday to let me know it was featured in InStyle magazine this month.  Go me!).
The Dress

2. Red pumps
(thank you Macy's for having an option under 6"; most shoe designers do not factor 6'3" women into their criteria when determining the height of a heel; I'm comfortable with my height, but don't want to look like an Amazon woman, thankyouverymuch).

3. Red accessories (ring and hair piece)

4. Black glitter eye shadow and more gray and white so that I can appropriately contour.

Researched (thank you once again Pinterest):
1. The perfect glittery smoky eye

2. The perfect holiday hair

I think I'm ready.  I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Until then, have a great day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Storytime by Mia

OK, so this is not really wordless, but I've shared what pictures I have (except for the ones still on my camera), but I did record (I almost typed videotaped, yes I did, show age much?) Mia reading me two stories last night.  Oh and the end, is the very best part!

Let the cuteness overwhelm you...

Storytime by Mia

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm an addict.  A Pinterest addict.  I'm borderline obsessed.

Anyway, my sis and I got together last Friday for wine and some very Pinteresting activity.

I chose to do try the ornament wreath with the wire hanger as there is a serious foam wreath shortage in the STL.  I'm pretty sure we can thank Pinterest and the holidays for that one.   However, based on other comments and blogs on the matter, I'm happy with my decision as I'm quite sure it didn't take near as long, nor the same amount of glue everyone else was chatting about.

 Finished product.  I strung most of the ornaments however did fill with the glue gun to make it more full.  Some of the ornaments I had purchased did not have a large enough hook to thread through the wire, so I had to glue them on as well.

  And to what I thought would be it's permanent home, but due to my two furbabies this door (that is brand spankin' new) gets used a ton and I didn't want my hubs to have a heart attack about a potential scratch or glitter streak so I moved it to our coat closet a few days later.
The things I do for that man.

My sister's project.  She made one for her house and one for my parents. 
Very cute idea and the finished product turned out fantastic, but I didn't get a picture.

Next up?   My chalkboard wall/get your crap off the island station in the kitchen and organization heaven in my laundry room.
Who is pumped about it?  This girl.

And still working on the big girl bed for Mia.  Not much discussion on that front yet, but I'll keep you posted because I know it's keeping you all up at night wondering.

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Shiny Nose

This weekend was our first official Christmas event.  Each year one of the vendors I work with puts a big Holiday Party with Santa, face painting, balloons, crafts, lunch and even a free tree.  

This year was the first year Mia was able to really take part in all of the activities.  First up was balloon art and she picked a candy cane that Daddy had to recreate into a hat after she figured out how to take it apart in just minutes after we got it and then it was onto face painting.  After Daddy's suggestion of becoming a spider (wha??), Mia (and I) chose Rudolph.  She's really into him lately.  It all started last week with her present of the original Rudolph movie (the clay-mation one, you know the one I'm talking about) from her Aunt Linda and of course the annual tradition of it also being on TV last week.  Besides the "snow monster" in the movie, she really likes it AND she may have the Ruldoph from Build-A-Bear from last year.

Anyway, she loved being Rudolph for the day, can't you tell.

We patiently stood in line for Santa (not the most fun part of the day, let's be honest, it was nap time and it was the last thing we were doing before we left) and when her time came (after she waved at him for 10 minutes as we approached her turn), she walked right up, sat on his lap, had her picture taken and waved good bye.  Oh and got her first candy cane, a real one.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, December 2, 2011


I love my dogs.  More days than others, but they are my fur babies, our first children.  I love them both unconditionally, even on their gasiest of days.

I believe strongly in the rescue programs for dogs, but especially for the pit bull breed.  They get a really bad wrap.  A really, really bad one and some days it really pisses me off.  Our media disgusts me in their coverage.  Every time there is a pit attack, it's breaking news or the top story.  Really folks? Do you know there is a war going on? Why don't you cover the Owner and the piece of crap they are for how they treat their dog and how they let them roam the neighborhood, etc.  No other breed of dog has jumped on a human, bit another human?  They are banned in some communities, counties and cities. This is an issue that is very near and dear to my sensitive doggy-lovin' heart.  I'm the proud Momma of two of them.

We rescued Jefferson from a kennel.  He was the Pet of the Week on a local news channel.  He's a perfect blend of a boxer and a pit bull.  We were his 5th, yes 5th, home.  He was a total spaz when we first got him and now he's a grumpy old man, as we like to call him.  He's 90 lbs of love and just really wants everyone to lay down and cuddle.  He's jittery and nervous most of the time, especially when there is a lot going on, a result of abuse in his previous homes.  He follows us around very closely (a little too close sometimes), but he always needs to know where the Hubs and I are at all times.  It's almost like he's still worried we'll leave him :(

Our Lucy was rescued from the APA (Animal Protective Association) several years ago when I decided that I didn't want to be the only lady in the house and that Jeffy needed a sister.  She, along with the rest of puppies and dogs in their kennels, was just begging us me to take them home.  Her adorable milk chocolate color and matching brown eyes broke my heart.  We love her, most days (I kid.).  Lucy is very smart and she needs constant attention and just wants to lick.  She's a hoarder (she will take her "babies" and hide them, sleep with them, keep them to herself) and a protector.  From the moment we brought Mia home from the hospital, they have been buddies, although Mia is about done with the licking :)  She is her Lulu.  My daughter will be a dog lover just like her Daddy and I because we are teaching her how to love a dog, how to share with a dog and how to treat a dog.  They are members of our family.

I just want to make it a point to spread the word about the pit bull breed.  They are not aggressive dogs.  They are strong and lovable creatures.  However, they are not for everyone.  My parents, who were looking, "tried" out a pit for about a week.  Stray Rescue, a great program here locally, provides that option, which is great.  She was too strong for them.  That happens, but with every type of dog.  Some are more suitable for others.  They ended up with a chihuahua mix that they rescued from the Stray Rescue program. :)    No matter the breed, the dog is a result of it's owners and how he/she is raised and treated. If I raise Mia to be a bully and to beat up on other kids, I quite assure you she will.  Just like the breeders that unfortunately choose to raise their pit puppies to be fighters to cushion their pocket books (ahem...Mr. Vick).  Dogs, like children, are products of their environment.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Our city has many great organizations and programs if you are a local and looking for the perfect rescue or would like to learn how you can help:

Just to name a few.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Well it's officially December, the first day of winter is this month and of course so is Christmas!  So in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (seriously what is up with everyone and their crazy driving skills that kick on once the holiday season is upon us?  For realz, people need to chill) I thought I would take a moment to share my list with you.

My Real List:
  • Cleaning Lady
  • New wine glasses
  • New dishes (see below)
  • Starbucks gift card (I have become one of those).
The End.

My "If We Had An Unlimited Amount of Money List:"
  • iPad2
  • Sweaters, scarves and several new pairs of shoes
  • Knobs for my kitchen cabinets (we've been putting this off because of a certain someone that can open them just fine without a knob)
  • Chalk wall in my kitchen (now mind you this is not expensive, it's a time thing)
  • An organization station on said chalkboard wall due to Pinterest inspiration and my hate for mail, crap, clutter taking up one side of my island (ahem...hubs).
         For example:

  • 801 plastic bins for all of Mia's clothes that no longer fit that I need to put away
  • New dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.  I registered for the clay ones from Crate & Barrel when we got married, but they chip like a mother and desperately need to be replaced.  This time I'm going Simple Sally and just porcelain white.
  • 1 hour to buy whatever I want at Sephora and Charming Charlies
  • A Dyson vacuum 
  • New bathroom towels (for real, now that we are nearing the 5 year mark of marriage everything is falling apart that we got as wedding gifts...of course the hubs thinks they're fine...a hole in a towel is NEVER fine).
  • A big girl bed (and possible dresser and chest) for Mia. I want a twin over full bunk bed (momma cuddles, story time, sleepovers, yes all things I'm factoring into my decision).  Currently working on the hubs with this one and it may make the Real List.  Send positive thoughts my way, kay?
  • A sibling for Mia (I long to be pregnant again, but would also love to adopt if we could)
  • Daycare paid for so I can have another baby :)
  • A day at the spa...massage, facial, pedi, mani...the works.
  • A new TV for our bedroom.  A DVD player for our bedroom.
  • Lamps, accent curtains, pillows and a throw for our bedroom (currently we have gray, black and white, but I want to add yellow accents)
          For example: 

  • A shelf and some bins so I can better organize my laundry room
          For example:


That's a pretty good list and I'm sure I could think of plenty more.

But at the end of the day, I don't need a thing.  I'm a blessed girl with plenty of "things" and perfectly happy just the way that I am and just with what I have.  I could always use more, couldn't everyone? I just want to spend Christmas with my family watching the parade, drinking fun coffees (and later adult beverages), watching the kids glow in the day with all of their new things, eating yummy food and celebrating the meaning of family.

Oh and PS - I'm introducing The Elf On The Shelf to Mia this weekend.  I wonder what she'll name him?

What's on your list this year?

All images courtesy of Pinterest (duh.)