Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here we are's Wednesday already.  Phew that was quick.

Linking up again with Shannon over at Life After I Dew.

This week I am saying So What if:

  • I curled my hair and didn't wear a messy bun for the first time today since I don't know when.
  • I still shop at Forever 21.  I'm cheap when I actually buy clothes for myself and they have great tops and dresses for dressing the bump.  It was my go to store when I was pregnant with Mia.
  • I kept asking Mia to say triceratops last night.  She has a sniffle and it's really cute when she says it.
  • I'm overly excited about my First Trimester Screening tomorrow.  I'm never excited about spending two hours in the doctor's office, but after this week I welcome the break and with the screening I get to have an ultrasound and see my little nugget.
  • I permanently ban Dora from any TV in my house.  If I hear Do Do Do Do Do Dora or We Did It or Swiper, No Swiping one more time...
  • I've just about lost my shit with everyone I work with this week.  I try to keep it cool, but this week I have completely failed at that.  When people wait until the last minute to do something and don't get the results they were hoping for...well sorry, fix it.  And when people raise their voice at me because something is not going their way and THEY are being unfair, I will let them know.  I wasn't raised to be quiet and not speak my mind.
  • I have never been so excited for a 3-day weekend in my entire life.
Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BumpDate: 12 Weeks

I promise to blog more about things not just baby, but this is about all the energy I have right now.
Oh and So What Wednesday!

What I'm craving?:
 Mexican food, beans, vegetables, protein, less candy attraction this week.

Funny/Memorable Story Of The Week:  Mia is telling everyone that Momma has a baby in her belly and when we are playing house (Mia's always the Mommy and Daddy and I are always the baby) she now has a baby in her belly.  Good thing about playing the baby while playing house, she'll tuck you in on the couch and snug as a bug in a rug because really there is no other way to be tucked in.

Weight Gain: A few ellll beeeees already, but oh well.

Work Out Regimen: Had my doctor's appointment yesterday and things are looking great, so I'm getting back out there.  Slowly, but surely.  I definitely think this will help with my energy level.

What's Different?:  Holy mood swings.  I'm sure I had them with Mia, but they seem much more "moody" this time around.  Yesterday was not a top pick in work days.  My stress level is through the roof right now and sometimes when I get home I just don't want to deal with dinner, dishes, bath, clean up, etc. and the Hubs was just chillaxin' last night like there weren't things to do.  He kept asking me if I was crabby and in a bad mood.  He now cleans out the bathtub after bathtime because it kills my back to bend over (already) and it took everything in my power to go to bed with out the toys being cleaned out and the tub rinsed, but I did it.  I did it, but I wasn't happy about it.  I wish I had his approach about things sometimes.  I really do.  He's still the best nomatterwhat, so he's got that going for him.

Boy or Girl:  The last week I've really felt boy.  Besides my need for meat, mostly red meat and not so much chicken (completely opposite of my pre-pregnant self - I'm a chicken girl).  Several weeks to go yet until we know, but we are finding out so I'm getting more excited for that.

Sleep:  Still pretty good, but not as amazing as last week.  Lots on my mind as we approach the end of the first trimester.  Already.  We'll blink and the holidays will be upon us and then I'll blink again and I'll be in labor.  I swear that's how I feel it's going to be.  Just trying to soak it all in as best I can.

Labor Signs: thank you.

Movement: Still just some gassy bubbles.

What I Miss:  Still miss energy and with the increased temperatures again, a margarita would be lovely.

What I'm Looking Forward To: The 3 Day Weekend rapidly approaching.  It may become 3 and a 1/2 if I play my cards right.  Need a break yo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Once again linking up with the always fabulous and hilarious Shannon at Life After I Dew for another edition of So What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So What if:

  • My Hubs and I have a major addiction to Hardcore Pawn (read that slowly), Storage Wars and Pawn Stars.  It's becoming our Sunday ritual, like all day. PARENTSOFTHEYEAR!
  • I've already busted out my maternity clothes.  I don't need them so much at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day I look like I'm super duper pregnant and I need some room.  Second babies don't mess around.
  • I currently have Welcome Home burning on my Scentsy and there is nothing summer about it.  It's warm and smells delicious and cozy.  
  • I watch too much Food Network and all it does is make me want to eat.  This past Sunday morning I was watching 30 Minute Meals with RR before any of the rest of the crew was even awake and immediately decided we MUST go to breakfast.  MUST.
  • I love nothing more than taking a shower right after I purchase new hair products.  I get so excited to try them.  I seriously need some hobbies.
  • I want to decorate for Fall (including stocking up on Bath and Body Works hand soaps) and it's not even September.  Hold strong Melissa, hold strong.

Hope you're having a GREAT week!  Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BumpDate: 11 Weeks

Today I am 11 weeks.

My next doctor's appointment is next Monday.  Already.  I can't wait to hear the heart beat again.

I just know that I am going to blink and this baby will be here.

I'm trying to soak it up and enjoy now that I'm feeling better, my nausea and exhaustion have subsided for the most part and it's not 413 degrees outside.

What I'm craving?: Everything under the sun.  No matter the nausea scale with this pregnancy, I've been an eating machine.  It's really helped the nausea actually.  Empty stomach, no bueno.  For a while, the smell of charcoal grilled food was enough to make me vom, but for the most part that has been the only smell that has bothered me.  I wanted candy last week and went to Walgreens and left with 5 things because I just could decide.  $10 later I had the candy I was craving.  Problems you guys.  Problems.

Funny Story Of The Week:  Sunday, typically our family day since the Hubs works most Saturdays, Mia wanted to go watch one of her shows in our bed.  By herself.  So she watched one episode of Dora and one episode of Peppa Pig.  While she was resting, I was making dinner.  When I called for her when her dinner was ready, her response?  "Ok Mom, I'm coming down."  Seriously, what are we 16?  It was definitely one of those, they grow up so fast moments.

Weight Gain: Hope not.

Work Out Regimen: Or lack thereof.  Working on getting back on the wagon after my doctor's appointment next week.  I've noticed a huge difference since I haven't been working out in my energy level and all around feelgoodness, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym and taking advantage of the nice temperatures outside.

What's Different?:  I don't remember being so hungry with Mia and I don't remember my exhaustion level being so high (note: I did not have a toddler last time, so I'm attributing it to that).

Boy or Girl:  Not 100% sure yet, now that I know we're not having twins (was seriously worried about that) I can focus more on the sex.  I was off on Mia and I'm not sure it's possible for anyone in my family to have a boy, but we'll see.  Only 8 more weeks or so.  Seriously though, I don't have a preference.  I really don't.  There is something to be said about sisters, but a boy in the family would be fun too!

Sleep:  Amazing.  I'm focusing on being a good girl and getting to bed at a decent hour, especially during the work week.  The peeing is more frequent as of late, but overall sleep is great!

Labor Signs: thank you.

Movement: Some, but I'm pretty sure it's just gas.  TMI. You're welcome.

What I Miss:  Energy, but that's about it at the moment.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Fall and all that comes with it.  Halloween.  Decorating. Fuzzy socks. Fall, cozy smells burning on my Scentsy. Yep.  I am.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Time

I think I really knew.

I just wasn't sure it was possible.

So quick.

Based on our last go around it took much, much longer.

We're in a different place than we were almost three years ago.

Since 13 is my lucky number we thought 2013 would be a good year.

Some of you have picked up on it.  You sneaky little devils you.

But, yes it's true.


With Baby #2.

We're thrilled!  So excited!

Things will change quickly and our lives are about to get even crazier, but we're ready.

We're ready for the next chapter in our book.

I'm ready to nest in my own home and not be in the middle of purchasing a home while pregnant (not to mention moving in 5 days before giving birth).

I'm ready to see how Mia reacts and changes with our new addition.

I'm excited to know the gender.

And let's be honest...  

I'm thrilled to plan another nursery.

I'm excited for the sweet smell of newborn in our home again.

I'm excited to do this Mom thing again for the second time knowing that I've had some practice and actually feel like I somewhat know what I am doing.

I have fears and anxieties that come with any major change in life, but the thrill and excitement far outweigh those fears.

And mostly...

I'm thankful.  

Thankful for my family.  

Thankful for our health.  

Thankful for the opportunity to be a Mom of 2.  

Thankful for the gift of family.  

Thankful for my friends that have supported me and encouraged me.

Thankful for my company who is so warm and receptive to my expanding belly family.

Thankful for the love we have to share with our new child.  

Thankful for my daughter who will be an amazing big sister.

And of course, thankful for my Hubs who will be rockin' this Daddy thing one more time.

Stay tuned...the story of how I/we told the Hubs is one for the memory books.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Once again linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for another edition of So What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So What if:
  • I take scolding hot showers and then bitch for an hour afterwards that I'm hot and sweating.  It's the only way I feel clean.  I don't do cold showers.
  • I use the TV or iPad as a quiet time tool for me.  Girlfriend has the energy level of a banshee in the evenings and sometimes I just need a moment.  These both will settle her down.  Even if it's only 5 minutes, sometimes after a day at work I need 5 minutes.
  • I'm not totally bummed that our scheduled pool day for Saturday will likely be cancelled because the high is only to be in the 70s!  Say what??? Love the fallish temperatures, but I know it's not over.  
  • I'm a control freak.  My Hubs doesn't sleep well.  Never has.  I told him he has two weeks to make a doctor's appointment or I am doing it for him.  I can't deal with the crabby anymore.  I love him, but let's be honest, if you don't sleep you just don't function right.  Poor guy's been dealing with this issue since I've known him and it just gets worse as time goes on.  He doesn't do much for himself, so I'm forcing him to.
  • I love nothing more than a clean toilet.  Toilets ick me out, so they are always super clean at my house.
  • I sold my Color Run ticket.  Hot commodity and I'm in no shape to be running.  And I don't feel guilty about it.
Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Alone Time

Saturday night, the Hubs and I celebrated one of our very dear friends 40th birthdays.

It had been quite a while since we had a date night.

We were due.  Maybe even a little overdue.

It was fun little dinner party.  It was held at a very old (and creepy and haunted) mansion in a "not so great area" of St. Louis City.  The kind of "not so great" that we went back to our cars in groups.  So yeah, that.
The dinner was a Murder Mystery/Dinner Theater type deal and we had a blast.  Everyone had a speaking part.  I was Thelma Lou and Hubs was Floyd Dawson.  We had our own room, so it was just the 25-30 of us.  Perfect.

Mia was at my parents house for a little slumber party.

I slept until 9:30 on Sunday and woke up feeling like a brand new person.  I mean I used to be able to sleep until 11:30, even if that was alcohol induced, late night at the bar sleep in, I used to be able to sleep once upon a time.  I miss that kind of sleep (not so much the bar).  The Hubs didn't surface until well after 11.  He can sleep later than me.  Whatever.

My Mom and I had planned to meet at the pool late morning and spend the day relaxing.  It was an overcast day with a few showers mixed in so she proposed another idea.  She offered to keep her (and bathe her) through her nap so we could just relax.

And God love her for that.  I cleaned bathrooms and did laundry in peace.  I mopped the kitchen floor in peace.

We watched stupid shows like Million Dollar Listings New York City for hours with no interruption.  We had a frozen pizza for lunch and stayed in our jammies.

Did we miss our girl?  Absolutely.  But was the time alone much needed? Yes.

We were reunited at about 4:00 and we had a great evening filled with dress up, legos, playing house and blocks.  We even managed to have homemade spaghetti.  She told me it was scrumptious, so I consider that a win.

It was a good day and a much needed break from parenthood.  I'm not afraid to admit I need a break every once and a while...and so does my Hubs.  I'm just thankful and so very grateful for my parents.  They knew we needed a break and they were right there willing to offer us one.

Just love them.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So What Wednesday

Joining in on So What Wednesday with Shannon of Life After I Dew once again.

This week I'm saying So What if:

  • My house is falling apart because of my dedication to the Olympic games.  I have laundry that needs to be put away, laundry to do, floors and bathrooms to scrub, but I'm some how not worried for another few days.
  • Mia's playroom is out of control, but again I thank the Olympics for distracting me from the chaos.  She's in the new phase of getting everything out and then going back to coloring at her table.  She needs everything out in order to decide I guess.
  • I'm over summer.  I'm just sick of sweating.
  • I've not run AT ALL for weeks and I'm supposed to be running the Color Run a week from Saturday.  I don't think chasing after a toddler counts.
  • Gymnastics makes me angry.  Like the yelling at the TV kind of angry.  What kind of scoring system is this?  I don't get it.  USA looked like a sore loser last night.  Let's recalculate, oh oops, you're right, USA is the weiner, not Romania.  What?  This doesn't happen in any other sport.  Wonder if they dropped $500 to the judges like Japan did.  Shady business you guys.  Good thing my child will be too tall for gymnastics cause I couldn't handle that shiz.

Hope you are having a lovely week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slacker, Boombacker

I need some motivation.  I have two weeks until the Color Run and I've not run a lick of anything.

Have you heard about it?  Seen the video?

Do you have goosebumps now too?

I'm so excited, but...

I hope I don't have a heart attack and pass out from my out of shape-ness (insert air quotes for sure on this one).

So for those of you that have done it in your respective cities, shower me with the it's easy, no worries, you can do its because I'm going to need it.

I'm just off the running thing and have been almost all summer.  I get out of breath just thinking about it.

I'm not a runner, but I try to pretend every once and a while.

A good run feels good and makes me feel a bit skinnier, but let's not kid ourselves.

I'd rather take a day of Body Pump than run anything really.

Anyway, just checking in cause I need a serious ass whoopin, so bring it on ladies.

I'm not scared.

Let's see what you're made of.

Love you. Wink, wink.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For The Love

I am DONE with summer.

There I said it.  I'm done. I'm over it.

I want sweaters and boots and fuzzy jammies, socks and slippers and blankets and chilly Sunday afternoons.

This heat is no bueno and I'm fully aware that it's only the 2nd day of August and the "Dog Days of Summer" are just now getting here, but could it be any more disgusting outside???

I'm an outdoorsy girl and like to do things outside, even if it's just an hour or two with Mia in the driveway after work, but lately, no interest. None.  NONE whatsoever.  Unless it involves a pool that isn't the temperature of bath water.

I'm ready for cool fall temps and temps that will let us be outside with the fresh air without breaking a sweat in 2.4 seconds.  Did I mention I have a pretty new deck that I haven't sat on once?  Yes, that too.

I'm done with bugs and mosquitoes and ants.

I'm done with the fact that it hasn't rained but for maybe a total of 5 hours all summer.  I'm serious.  I bet that's it.  It's dry and humid and ICK!

I'm ready for a fire in the fireplace and some good smelling fall smells on my Scentsy burner.

Oh and a big ole' pot of homemade chili!!!!!!

That's all.

I'm not wishing away time, well kinda I am, but this weather is for the birds.

Bring it on fall.  I'm ready.

PS....I'm getting excited about August.  But I blame Pottery Barn Kids who I should probably unfollow on Facebook because they did a sneak peek of the kid costumes this week.

PSS...Remind me in December when I'm bitching about how cold I am that I wished away the summer.

Hope you all are having a great week!