Monday, October 31, 2011

One For The History Books

Like you didn't expect me to blog about're craaaaazyyyy!

Well folks, we did it!  We pulled it off!  The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2011 World Series Champions.

What a ride it was!  So much excitement, so much anxiety, so many tears (yes tears about baseball) and so many cheers!

I remember quite vividly Thursday night's Game 6.  A must win for our Birds!  The Rangers were only 1 win away from winning the Series.  The game that went on forever, into extra innings.  The emotion (and trying to keep it quiet emotion as the clock passed 11 and neared midnight and the lil' one was all tucked in nicely in her crib) was overwhelming.  The husband and I cheered (quietly) and whisper screamed and yelled.  And then our man, our hometown boy (we went to the same high school and he's of course younger than me like most of the team, except for Rhodes and Berkman) David Freese saved the day and we officially made it through another game with another victory but now...

Friday night.  My hubby's 40th.  We cancelled our dinner plans we are so serious.  Game 7.  This is it.  Just the 3 of us (well 5 of us if you include the fur children) camped out in front of the TV.  Someone will walk away as World Series Champions tonight.  This game just had a sweet feel about it.  In comparison to the night before, there was a bit less stress and why or how I have no idea.  The game started off with a 2 run lead by the Rangers (sh&@!).  But I just knew it.  I had a feeling and I'm so glad that feeling was spot on. 8 innings later, we were Champions!  And my girl, stayed up for the entire thing.  I videotaped the last out and everyone's reaction!  Quite priceless I must say!

I've experienced 4 World Series so far in my short lifetime.  The first at only 4 and 3 just in the past 9 years (2 only winners, but 3 nonetheless)!  I've been able to attend 2 of those.  Wow!  For a girl who loves sports, especially her St. Louis Cardinals this was quite a ride!  I'm so happy to have watched every moment, stayed up way too late on many a school night and possibly drank more than necessary on many a school night.

We sealed the Series and this amazing experience with a visit downtown yesterday afternoon with family and friends to cheer on our Cardinals one more time during the World Series Celebration Parade.  We had so much fun!  And yes, I took a few pieces of the confetti for our scrapbook.
Budweiser on this special day!

Sportin' her gear!

Awww....Cardinals LOVE!

All the kiddos...and Ben is quite the ladies' man can't ya tell?

With the announcement of Tony LaRussa's retirement this morning, 
the big question still remains - will he or won't he?
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is the big day!  My Hubs turns the BIG 4-0!  I'll be the first one to confirm that he is not thrilled about this "milestone."  He's never been a fan of birthdays because he just says he's another year older.  I'm working on that.  Birthdays are a time to celebrate not put yourself into a depression.

40 is a big year though.  Think about it.  30 was a big deal for me, but 40 will feel different.  I can agree with him there.

We celebrated big this year! Headed to Vegas and slept, drank and played like we were 22.  Tomorrow we will celebrate some more, go out to dinner and we'll give him his gift, created by the hands of his daughter.

To my Hubs,

To me age is just a number.  To you it's another year of getting older.
To me it's another year that I've grown to love you even more.
To me it's another year of watching you become an amazing Daddy.
To me it's another year to spend together as a couple.
To me it's another year to spend together as a family.
To me it's another year of memories.
To me it's another year of having you in my life.
And to me...I'm happy to celebrate you and us and the family we have created.

After all this is what life is all about!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Melt Your Heart Out

One of the greatest things about having an amazing Dad IS...

watching your amazing Dad as an awesome and caring Papa.

There is no doubt a great connection and relationship is building between Mia and her Papa.  My Dad (God love him) drives to our house and watches Mia one day a week, so they get to spend a lot of time together.

She knows her Papa, loves her Papa, talks about her Papa ALL the time and can easily navigate through Papa's iPad (Bongos anyone?).  And Papa?  He knows exactly what to do to make that little girl smile and laugh and it just melts my heart, every.single.time.

And who wouldn't love a guy who takes you on wagon rides?

Life is busy, life is rough, life is stressful, but life is also really, really phenomenal.  I'm very blessed to have what I have and there are always moments where you need to be reminded of the awesomeness :)  My family is one of my greatest blessings and I'm so very thankful that my parents not only provided me with what I needed to be a good Mom, but also provide my Mia and my nieces with some pretty outstanding grandparents.  And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Talent With A Little Bit Of Inspiration

I'm lucky to have sisters.  I may have covered that once or twice here.

My youngest sister as I've talked about on multiple occasions is a true artistic talent in many senses of the word.

We joke about her "visions" all the time, but truly she is a modern day Martha Stewart with her artsy fartsy ways.

So as I perused Pinterest for the 1,435th time while planning Mia's party, I came across some really cute photography ideas.  I wanted to do something special to capture each year.  Now that Mia is wrapping up her 2nd amazing year of life and the month by month collage was completed for her first year, I needed a idea of how to capture some of her favorites moving forward.

Here is the finished project that I will have blown up to a poster size print that will go perfectly in her play room.

I'm a sucker for photography, it's one of those things that I love to do but wish I could spend more time doing.  There's nothing more special than having a sister who is willing to help bring your "vision" to life.

Have a great weekend!

For more information on my sister's photography business for you local viewers, feel free to visit her website anytime...stayed tuned because she will be including some of my engagement pictures and maternity pictures that she captured for us very soon!

LKS Photography

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Game 1. Check!
And I couldn't show my emotion any better than this...

And if you are annoyed by my abundance of Cardinals/World Series based posts lately, sorry. 
 I'm just that excited.  Clearly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless (Not Really) Wednesday - A Family Of Red

We were blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Cardinals Playoff Game last Friday night.  Besides the fact that Mia peed on my leg with one inning left, we "saw" (using that term very loosely when attending a baseball game with a 2 year old) a great game, but most importantly had an awesome time as a FAMILY!

As we entered the stadium, the Hubs suggested we go to the same spot where he proposed to me 6 years ago and take a family picture.  He is becoming quite the softy as a Daddy.  It's turned out pretty well, especially thanks to my new iPhone and the forward facing camera which is sheer genius!

Game 1 of the World Series is tonight!  Go CARDS!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Tuesday, So You Know What That Means

Found this goody on Pinterest last week and sent it to my oldest sister because....that is totally how we are.  I'm pretty sure I was tortured by her my entire childhood and today we are best of friends and seriously, she falls...a lot :)

Courtesy of Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rather Pleased

I am rather pleased about a few things this fine Monday morning:

1. As expected, I am thrilled with this weekend's baseball performance by our Cardinals.
I still can't believe we went from being 10 and a 1/2 games out of the Wild Card to winning the National League.  Amazing.
This girl is one of those gitty, nervous sports viewers. I can likely be somewhat annoying when my toe tap starts acting up, but I can't help it.  I have a competitive side to me that just won't quit sometimes.
And to Brian Anderson and the other douche commentating on the game last night, I hope you cried yourself to sleep.  That is what you deserved after the smack talking on my Cardinals the entire series.  They deserve to be there. There is no luck involved here.  They won and played hard every step of the way. David Freese and the rest of the boys have played some outstanding baseball and I'm hella proud!  Until Wednesday....

2. Wine.  Always rather pleased about that.

3. And in other news, my house is no longer a chaotic disaster.  The house is clean, laundry is done and I'm feeling much better.  Vacay recovery always turns what I consider my normal, somewhat organized house into a total tornado.

4. You know what's weird?  I have been thinking and laying out in my noggin the awesomeness that will be my laundry room.  Searching for inspiration through blogs and Pinterest, I've discovered so many great (and cost conscious) ideas.  It needs some serious attention and organization, especially considering this is where I keep Mia's shoes (it works best and keeps the dirty shoes off the carpet).  I am excited to get started.  I'll be sure to tell you all about it.  It may just happen this weekend.

5. My Erin Condren life planner came and I LOVE it.  It's providing this schedule-aholic much happiness.

6. Mia's party preparations.  I'm so excited to decorate for her party.  Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays.  The cool thing about her party coming the Saturday after Halloween is all the awesome decor I'm going to get at clearance prices.  Yeehaw!

7. And what I'm not rather pleased about (totally incorrect grammar and sentence structure)?  The fact that I still have not uploaded nor edited any of our Vegas pictures (300 at least).  My child is going to bed now about 8:30 and by then I'm pooped.  I'm going to try really hard this week cause there's some goodies on there!

What are you rather pleased about today?

Have a WONDERFUL week!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've Got The Feeeevvvvva!


Never in a bazillion, bagillion years did I ever think we would be in the spot after this season, but here we are and these boys are fired up!  Last night's game was amazing!  
Well, amazing if you like baseball and the excitement of the playoffs.

Next game is tonight and again on home turf.  The Wolff house will be roaring once again.  
We are very proud of our little baseball fan.  She'll jump and cheer, clap and include her own "Woo hoo"s during much of it.  I'm just not sure how many almost 2 year olds know their team as soon as they come on the TV.  
Well, ours does and we are damn proud of it!


Image courtesty of Google.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time Together

Well, we officially made it back from Vegas in one piece.  What a blast we had!  All the surprises were pulled off and my husband officially played all weekend with little care (outside of missing Mia terribly).

We filled every minute of almost every day doing something fun and most importantly together.

It doesn't happen often, it doesn't happen enough, but it never will.  We're busy with our lives, our jobs and our schedules.  But that's ok.  What's important is to realize how important it is to spend time together.  Whether it be a long weekend away, a date night or a movie afternoon, it's important to reconnect and reflect on how you got to where you are.

Hubs and I don't do much alone, but on the occasion that we do (i.e. this weekend) it's refreshing, fulfilling and gives you all those dating goosebumps all over again.  It's special and romantic.

I just love it and I'm truly in love with him.  Sometimes, just sometimes I have to be reminded of just how lucky I am.  It's easy to get lost in daily life (and often the negatives) and forget about taking the time to be a couple and not just parents.  I'm ok with admitting I need the reminder; I'm just glad I have the opportunity to be reminded.

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Yep. Tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of Google Images

And if you want updates and pictures, follow me on Twitter @TallBlondeBlog...
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Martes Es El Dia De Cotizacion

I'm obsessed with quotes and sayings that help me focus, make me smile, get me to think, etc.  So much so that I picked a few of my favorites and included them in my design of my 1/2 bath downstairs.

Last Tuesday, I posted one that made me laugh.

Each Tuesday I'll post another one that I like.  And the title will always be in Spanish, because I really wish I could actually speak the language so much that I could make a complete thought.  Maybe.someday.  And I'm not sure cotizacion is the right noun (it's referencing a quotation in relation to price or money; thank you, so assistance there would be appreciated.  I will make mention that they could have created a different name for that website.  Just sayin.'

Be sure to share some of your favorites, but just a warning, if I like it I will borrow it.  So, thanks in advance.

Happy Tuesday, I mean...Martes!

jpg courtesy of Pinterest

Monday, October 3, 2011

That's What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas

3 days left and then Hubs and I are off on our first "alone" vacation since we've had Mia.  I haven't packed a thing.  I did, however, purchase the leopard print Sally Hansen nail strips over the weekend.  PRI.OR.ITIES!  Because why not do something totally impracticable and not work appropriate while in VEGAS!

 And leopard of course!

I was looking at Mia last night thinking how weird it's going to be to not see her for 4 whole days.  I've seen her almost every day for almost 2 years.  I'm going to miss her like crazy, but I know that the Hubs and I need this time.  He turns 40 this month and what better way to celebrate.  I have a few surprises in store!  I can't wait to goof off together for 4 and 1/2 warm the city of sin :)

On the agenda:
1. Cirque du Soleil - Beatles Love show
2. Surprise helicopter ride (including champagne) over the Vegas strip/lights at night (will need a beverage...or 4 before this; I think it will be a really cool experience, but I am not great with heights and confined spaces, however The Hubs will LOVE it!)
3. Maybe Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon if we are not too hungover the whole time
4. The pool and lots of the pool
5. Cocktails (this really should be in the number 1 spot)
6. Maybe my Mia tatt, if I can squeeze it in (been waiting for months to make time to get it). get all the crap done that I need to before we head out...