Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shout's a short one!

I just want to give a shout out to my husband. He is a amazing and I love him so much!! I could have never asked for a better or stronger soulmate to compliment my life!

It's a New Day!

I wanted to take some time to talk about the inspiration that has transformed in my life since our new President has officially taken the oath to lead our country. I have NEVER been as overwhelmed with emotion in any other election I have experienced. Mr. Obama's patient and calming presence makes me feel safe. The past several months have been overwhelming to so many. As we see layoffs and retirement savings go through the roof, I am just thankful that I am not a retired person or have a job that has me worried about whether I will leave work employed or not. I am thankful. I have been a fan of Barack Obama from the very beginning. I think even more of how lucky I am to be in the situation that I am. I cannot even fathom how much this affected those that were a part of the Civil Rights Movement, as they watch our new President take on the tasks and challenges of this county. Who would ever think that a black man would run this country? I, at only 30 years old, cannot comprehend the racism and overwhelming fears that were present during that time, but I've seen enough and learned enough to know that what was present in our world only 50 so years is completely unacceptable. Could you ever imagine not being able to board a bus, use a restroom or use a drinking fountain without thinking twice about your safety. Whether you are white, black, orange, yellow or green, you should be thankful that the man that has taken the oath to lead this country has promised a better future for all us, now and in the future. As a woman who is thinking of starting her next chapter and having a family, this is all I can pray for. Unity and safety, as a country it is what we need to move forward!! God bless everyone! I only hope that 2009 can be a prosperous year for all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why a Blog?

I have ALWAYS wanted to start a blog. As a former English teacher (I used to read a lot of books too), I have always loved to write. It's much easier for me to put my feelings down on computer (I also type much faster than I speak or write). Thanks to our cousin, Lori, I've found a great site and officially started...only 5 days into the New Year. Not too bad for one resolution of 2009.
I wanted a place where I could express my thoughts mostly for myself, but also to share with family and friends. I've created many chapters over the past several years and I am finally starting to feel settled with the exception of one small (rather large, depending on how you think about it) thing. I've moved to a new city after living in the STL all my life and back to St. Louis, changed careers (from teaching to real estate), met my hubby, got married and turned the big 30!!!
This should be a big year for us as well. Mark and I having decided we are ready to expand our family (you will hear a lot about this over the next few months). We've also officially decided to sell our house and move up. It's a sad feeling because this is Mark's first house (bachelor pad) and our first house together, but exciting as it is another chapter in our book.

It's Just Us!!

Mark and I were married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on June 9, 2007. I can't believe we are closing in on our second year already. We met at a bar, surprise!, went on our first date a week later and with the proper cliche "the rest is history!!" Mark is the most sincere and supportive husband. He's the man of random knowledge. He is super intelligent with a passion for politics and the world. He's focused and takes pride in everything he does. He cares deeply for his family and, without hesitation, I feel he will always take care of me and hopefully, someday, our children.
One of the things that attracted me most to him was his family. They are so much like mine. I've never once felt nervous about what the future will bring for Mark and I and that is a very secure feeling. It's the same feeling I've always had growing up with my Dad. That secure feeling that there is always someone there for you, that has your back, allows you to think independently, but has the courage to tell you when you might be wrong. Mark keeps me strong in the exact same way.
He's a calming spirit, most of the time, as I am a pretty tempered Irish girl (but trying to be better :)). Most importantly, my most favorite thing about Mark is his ability to cook. He thinks healthy, but cooks creatively, and he loves it. I, on the other hand, am not much of a cook and if I was we would eat a lot of pasta...not good! I love nothing more than sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a glass of wine, watching him cook and chatting with him about life. We communicate well and often - our greatest quality.