Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Once again, I'm linking up with the fabulous and hilarious Shannon over at Life After I Dew for another round of So What Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What if:

  • I'm contemplating video below the belt for this birth.  I was "absolutely no way I will ever 'tape' that" with Mia.  I didn't want to see my business in that "condition," but now that I've experienced the amazingness that is childbirth I kind of want to take it to a different angle this time.  Everyone I know that has strongly agrees that it is worth it.
  • I had my maternity pics last weekend and I'm deathly afraid of what the ole' bod is going to look like after this baby is out.  I was so puffy and "plump" in my pictures, so I did ask if there was a way for my sister to show me at least 20 lbs lighter.  The camera is not my friend.  I haven't seen the final product and my sister is an amazing photographer, I'm just not a fan of looking chubby.  Baby or not. I need to stop watching Real Housewives of BH, those bitches are so skinny.
  • Speaking of chubs, I have a chocolate addiction like nobody's business this pregnancy.  At the moment, I don't regret eating it because it makes me happy, but just remind me when I am bitching about losing the baby weight just how much I consumed.
  • I'm so over work.  I'm just ready to start my maternity leave and be over all the work responsibility for a while.
  • I want to face punch the following people: those that comment on how little sleep I will be getting (duh, not my first rodeo, but thanks for the tip), those that offer their suggestions and advice that indeed do not have children and do not know what on earth they are speaking of (thanks but no thanks) and finally those that make the comment that clearly indicates I am the size of a bus with 6 1/2 weeks to go ("Oh, look at you," "Wow, you're getting big," "March??" "Are you sure there is only one in there?").  I'm well aware that I'm not small, I'm 6'3" for Pete's sake and I grow large babies.  Back off.
Happy Hump Day.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Countdown

Friday marks the start of the last full month of this pregnancy and I'm just overly amazed at how quickly this time has gone.

I'm trying to soak up my Mia time as best as I can.  I'm overwhelmed with emotion when I think about the fact that she is our only for just a short while longer.  It does make me sad, as she is my everything.  I struggle, as many parents do, with how I will ever be able to imagine love any greater than what we have for Mia.  How is that humanly possible?  I know that it is.  I don't question it.  We're just not there yet, so until I experience it I will struggle with that.

My daughter's heart is growing by the day and I do feel strongly that it's all in preparation for her sister to arrive.  She's making more room in her already amazingly sweet heart for her little sister.  She loves spending time in her room and indeed helped Daddy put up the crib yesterday.  She wants to do all things and help with all things related to her sister's upcoming arrival.

Even more so, she is always helping me.  Last night, I lied in bed watching the SAG's while she and Hubs put up the crib.  She came and checked on me often to make sure I was "ok."  She tucked me in 100 times, she gave me 403 kisses and told me she loved me more than I could ever count.  Does it get any better than that?  She's listening, helping out with chores, doing all the things we've been trying.  We even managed to give up the binky this weekend.

We're in such a good place, our little family.  It's a great feeling, especially leading into the arrival of our newest family member.

My heart is full and that's a really good thing.

I needed to feel like this.  I needed this past weekend to get to a place where I felt content and ready.

I wasn't there two weeks ago, but I'm there today.

We have a little less than 7 weeks to go until Baby W #2's arrival.

We're excited to meet her and we're excited for our next chapter.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So What Wednesday

So this must mean I am officially back if I'm linking up with Shannon for one of my most favorite blog topics ever, So What Wednesday!  Holla!

This week I am saying, So What If:

  1. We still have our Christmas lights on the house.  Yep.  We are those people.  But Momma can't do ladders in her current condition, so waiting on the Hubs to get them down.  I'm pretty sure he forgot.
  2. I've gone into full blown neurotic OMG the baby is coming in 2 months mode.  Everything must be done NOW.
  3. Some nights after I get home from work Mia watches TV or plays the iPad almost the entire evening because I just want to sit down, put my feet up and rest my vajayge.  This baby hurts.
  4. Mia's clothes are picked out based on where she's going and who she is going to see each day.
  5. Mia is extremely picky about her undies and socks (that are often mismatched because that's how she rolls) and jammies.  Therefore those drawers are an absolute disaster.  2 years ago Melissa would have not been ok with that.  Current Melissa could care less.
  6. We are painting the office (that will become the nursery) on Saturday.  By we, I mean my family that has volunteered to help, and the Husband still needs to clear out his paperwork, files and furniture.  Tic to the toc.
  7. We are running out of time to rid Mia of the binky.  The goal was her 3rd birthday, that came and went, so then it became before sister gets here.  I'm about as motivated to get rid of it as she is and please don't suggest the binky fairy.  She doesn't like that option.  Like not even in the least bit and I've tried to bribe her with presents and it still won't work.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Operation: Cleanse and Paint (Nursery Sneak Included)

Seriously.  Nesting is in full swing yo.

Saturday I managed to fill 5 trash bags and one box, all items that will be donated to Goodwill.  Haven't used it in the past 2 years, we don't need it, so it's leaving my house.  Cleaned out the guest bedroom and hall closet and organized all of my crafting things that were suffocating the office.  The Hubs is losing his office space temporarily to make room for the nursery, so it's been Operation: Cleanse for a while.

I didn't nest with Mia.  I didn't have a house to nest in, so I'm making up for it with this one.  Kinding.  Well, not really.  Just ask the Husband.  "Melissa, I'm telling you, you are overdoing it." "Sit down."  "You're going to end up on bed rest if you're not careful."  "Go take a nap."  This was him all day yesterday while I cleaned out the laundry room, cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms and did laundry while he watched football.  Some days I question if he truly believes these things just miraculously happen or if he's just not concerned with them getting done.  Such a question. But I wouldn't trade him for the world and he deserves a day off a week, so I don't argue that fact, but the likelihood of me sitting there all day with him is highly unlikely.  I need to work on it though because it certainly wouldn't kill me to chill the eff out sometimes.


Saturday is officially game time.

I have a painting day planned.  My cousin, sisters and Mom & Dad are coming over to paint and help me with whatnots for the nursery.  Mark's taking Mia to dance and then they are having a Daddy/Daughter day so I can have the house to myself.

See, I have this problem.  I always have a list of projects that I want to do.  That's just my nature, not my problem.  But when I get started?  That's my problem.  I go until it's done.  I don't like things to linger.  If I start it, I need to finish it.  I would like to thank my Dad for that trait.

Want a sneaky peek of the nursery...

Well here you go...

Bedding - Land of Nod

Wall color inspiration

Wall art inspiration

Who better than to make my wall art inspiration come to life than the lovely Kristen of Little Laws Prints.  She's so great I can't even find the words.  But you'll have to wait on the finished product.  AND she's the only one besides me and the Hubs that knows the baby's name.

The rest you'll have to wait for.

Hope you all had a good weekend!  Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi, My Name Is Melissa

Remember me?  I used to blog here a couple times a week.

So I thought I would check in, say Hi and let you know I am still alive.

Life has been so busy, but I'm hoping now that the holidays are behind us and life has resumed some sense of normalcy I can get back to this.

What's up with me?

Well, here the latest tidbits:
1. 30 weeks pregnant, size of a horse

2. Signing up Mia for preschool for the Fall and I want to die

3. Trying to coordinate my maternity leave schedule and our sitter schedule for my soon to be family of 4 (that's fun...not so much)

4. The kitchen is finally almost finished.  We still have the backsplash, but we are otherwise complete.

5. Christmas was a success.  Limited family drama (Hubs side, as always, not mine) and a very happy child.

6. Trying to get started on the nursery.

7. Maternity photo sesh and shower dates scheduled.

8. Working on convincing myself that we will survive as a family of four, both working full time and managing to keep our toddler happy and loved.

9. My doctor is on maternity leave officially, actually bed rest, so I am now with a new doctor for the rest of this pregnancy.  I met her for the first time last week.  She's very nice and seems great, so relieved by that.

10. We have picked her name.  I love it!

That's about it.  We are in fully baby prep mode.  I just need more hours in the day and more energy to get everything done.

No matter when she makes her arrival, we are in a much better place than we were with Mia so I will count each and every blessing.  When Mia was born, we had been in our new house 5 days, so I brought a baby home to a house full of boxes.

Hope you all are doing well and that everyone had a great holiday!

See you again soon!  Pinky promise.