Friday, July 29, 2011


Well an interesting day so far....
1. Woke up a teensy bit late which threw off my whole morning routine
2. Got to work and my computer was acting up, tried the shutdown, turn back on good.
3. Called IT "guy."  Guess what, he's leaving in a few hours for a weeks long vacation and he thinks I have a virus.
4. Take a moment to determine whether or not I should continue with this day or just drive home and try to start over (mind you it is only 8:15 am by this point).
5. Drive to our home office asap and he'll "see what he can do." Sigh. 
6. Talk to hubby on the way after getting a text that Mia was sad when he dropped her off at the sitter this morning.  I hate that feeling some days.  We might possibly have, in fact we do have, the best sitter line up on this planet, however no matter how great they are, it's still not Mommy or Daddy and there is a lot of guilt that comes from that (major run on sentence, but it's Friday and I don't care).  I will NEVER get over that I quite assure you.
7. Arrive to home office and am told that said IT "guy" has no time to fix before he heads out of town, so he hands me a "temporary" computer to use until his return.  I walk out with my sick computer and her grandma. Lord help me.
8. He informs me that I will not have my normal email, but will have to work remotely through the internet. crappy.  Working remotely is awful, seriously, so bad.  A day or two fine, but 6+ days may require meds.
9.Arrive back to office 35 minutes late for a meeting (thank goodness I have the assistant that I do) and catch up to speed and continue for another hour.
10. In office, set up new "set up" and now my monitor doesn't work, so I'm officially on the laptop all week. No normal screen, just mini screen. Annoyed. Hungry.
11. Notified that we have some random lady selling jewelry in our vendor lounge in my building.  Had to kick her out for soliciting. Weirdo.  This is private property lady.
12. Lunch.  Take 3 phone calls in between bites and checking FB and Twitter.
13. Back to business, trying to finish a cost analysis for a construction project on my tiny grandma screen (with Excel and spreadsheets = super NOT fun).
14. Realize I need to "word it out" so I am here.

The day is almost done and that means time with Mia, wine, more time with Mia, Husband and no alarms.  Sunday is a spa day with my Mom and sisters, so super excited about that.

Things could be worse.  So hears a look on the bright side and just remembering we have chocolate in our office. I feel better.

Now, back to work.

Happy Weekend!  I hope it's a GREAT one for all of you.

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blueviolet said...

Working without your normal computer is the absolute worst! I feel for ya!

Can't believe that lady just thought it would be fine to sell her jewelry there!