Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 months, 1 week, 2 days and counting...

OK...seriously...will this ever end? Here we sit two and a half days from when we are scheduled to close on the new house (yes, finally), but we have again hit the brakes. The listing agent has now been unsuccessful in contacting the negotiator at the seller's bank for over a week. They gave us final verbal approval last Tuesday, but we are waiting on the official approval letter from them. We don't know if the letter has been drafted or mailed and in addition have no idea if the bank knows of our closing date because he WON'T CALL HER BACK!!! All we know is that the contract is approved. I just can't handle it much longer. I'm not very good with situations that are out of my control and specifically those that have been out of my control for an excess of five months. Hopefully the house gods will grant us our wish and several prayers and this will somehow turnaround in the next few days and we really will close on the house. I'm just not feeling good about it. To add to the pressure, the baby is due five weeks from Saturday. Hang on there little girl! Mommy and Daddy are working really hard to get you a house before you arrive.

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