Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomorrow is 4 months

I try to keep my posts positive, but today I must vent just a bit... Tomorrow, to the date, it has been four months since we have put a contract on a house. The short sale process is time consuming and we understood that going in, but it is now at a level of severe frustration for me considering my daughter is due in three months and I am still living in my in-laws basement. We received approval from the seller's bank about 2 weeks ago, since then we have had our inspection and determined there are some major issues that need to be resolved before we proceed with this purchase. One involving cracked water pipes that need to be repaired so that we can complete the inspection and two involving mold that is growing in the basement (just lovely). The house is only 7 years old and was supposedly winterized, so we certainly did not anticipate these issues. Due to the nature of the repairs, even though we are buying the property "as-is," we have gone back to the bank and asked them to pay. I've always (for the most part, most days) tried to keep the mindset that these issues are not anything I can control and I cannot force the bank to be quick about anything so it is all therefore very out of my control. I keep telling myself it will all work out and we'll still get a good deal on the house. There is something that keeps telling me this house will work and Mark feels the same way. I don't know why exactly, but I hope it is not just because I don't want to start this process all over again. We don't have time to go after another short sale or foreclosure, so we'll have to buy a house the "normal" way and that is a bit frightening. There are still good deals out there that are not in short sale or foreclosure, but not this good. It is just such a great deal that we have to work a bit harder to get what we want. Waiting 3 1/2 months for approval was not enough torture I guess! We're holding on to this "investment" for just a little bit longer, but we will have to move on soon. Everyone keeps telling us to move on, be careful, make sure you are not getting involved with a money pit, etc. As much as I appreciate and respect everyone's input and opinion, we need this to work. If the bank handles these repairs (if not all, a pretty good slice) this is still a steal! This will greatly benefit us financially if we can tie up these loose ends, fix er' up and sell in a couple of years! We've submitted bids, at the banks request, to fix the pipes and remove the mold. But here we are on Monday and still no word from the bank or agents today. We were told last Friday that they (our agent and the listing agent) were hopeful to have a response that day. I need to just stop believing that because I get so easily disappointed. My poor husband struggles with how to keep me happy as this whole thing has affected my mood and I'm not the most chipper person these days. I tell him there is nothing he can do because it is what it is and I can' t do anything about it so I just keep going each day hoping we'll eventually hear something positive. I feel bad that he feels guilty because it is not his fault, but he is a good, caring husband that wants to ensure that I am happy. It's a rough time, we've been without our space since March 27 and I'll be 7 months pregnant on Saturday. My first shower is rapidly approaching this Saturday and I never thought in a million years that I wouldn't be in a house by the time my first shower got here. I'm most fearful that I will have this baby and we will not have a house, although Mark promises this will not be the case. So we'll continue to keep our fingers and toes crossed tightly and say our prayers each night that we will end up where is best for our growing family. Right now I am trying to stay calm and do what is best for me and my baby girl. Somedays are easier than others, but I am still very blessed because I have the family and friends that I have and the support that I need. Mark and I would just really like a break! A glass of wine would be nice too, but I will have to wait a little bit longer for that!!