Friday, November 6, 2009

She's Perfect!!!!

I am officially a mommy. Mia Jane Wolff was born yesterday, November 5, 2009, at 1:57 am. I thought while the baby is in the nursery and the husband is at home with our dogs I would take a time to write about the past 24 or so hours.
Wednesday morning I went in for my routine doctor's appointment, but as I prepared earlier that morning in the shower I just had a feeling that would be the last time I would be home for a while. And by home, I mean yes our home, not our in-laws basement. We moved this past Saturday, October 31.
As I waited for Shannon to come pick me up to chauffeur me to my appointment, I sat down and took my morning blood pressure as I had been instructed to do so since my appointment the previous week. This confirmed that I would most likely not be returning home that day.
As I met with my doctor (this, mind you, is the third doctor I have seen in three weeks as my doctor decided to go on a long vacation so very close to my due date, silly that she wouldn't plan her schedule around my due date) and discussed my high blood pressure for the third week in a row, she stated I think we'll just have you go over to Labor & Delivery now and check in. Like now, I believe were my exact words? Having tried to mentally prepare myself for this all the previous evening and that morning, I still wasn't sure I was so ready to really have this baby, just yet. Well that didn't really matter anymore, because I was being induced and asap!
As I proceeded to the waiting room, where my sister was patiently waiting (a mother times two herself, she had the same feeling I had had that morning) we left the doctor's office and proceeded directly to the hospital. After a small, hormonal, nervous, poop in my pants kind of cry, I called Mark and Shannon and I then proceeded to the blue elevators, went up to the 2nd floor and checked in. Within minutes I was in a room, hooked up to my IV and potocin. Within an hour, the doctor was there to break my water. I hung in there until I got to be about 3 cm with which came the mighty contractions. They were getting stronger by the minute and increasing their intensity each time, so with that came the epidural, my saving grace!! It was quite scary to deal with considering it was another unknown, but I felt great after it was over. The epidural hung in there and I breezed through the next several hours until I started getting a lot of pressure. My friend, my drug doctor, came back with some more fun cocktail for me and I then felt much better. By 1:15 am or so, after about 15 hours, I was pushing and 37 minutes later, Ms. Mia Jane was born. It was an amazing experience and the nurses and doctor were great. Mark was fantastic and was the exact support system I needed to push me through.
So here we are on day #2 and things are going well. One more day in the hospital and we get to go home tomorrow morning. Mia is absolutely beautiful and just gets cuter by the minute. As I sit here in my hospital room, by myself, it's feels different to think of myself now that I am a mother. When I think of a mother, I think of my mom, not me. If I have anyone to look up to it is definitely her. Having raised three great girls, there is no one I would rather turn to for advice. I have a lot of support from my family and friends and they have all been so great so far. There is nothing more special than seeing your parents hold your child for the first time or to see your sisters hold their niece and officially transform into "aunthood" or see your closest friends hold your daughterI am so blessed to have experienced such a journey with my pregnancy. My daughter is healthy and completely perfect. Within minutes, we went from a family of two to a family of three. Seeing Mark transform into a daddy is amazing. He is so in love with his little girl and I can't wait to experience all the adventures that we have in store for us.

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