Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Forward

My beautiful baby is 8 weeks old today and as this year comes to an end I cannot believe all that we have experienced these past 12 months. Beginning with selling our house, buying our new one and the birth of Mia, it's been an eventful year. Thanks to Ms. Mia we were finally blessed with something positive towards the end of the year. There is no sugar coating it, this has been a tough year on both Mark and I and I think we are both looking forward to settling in during 2010 and getting some normalcy back into our lives. I am greatly looking forward to Mia's next 12 months and all that is to come with watching her grow and learn. In just eight short weeks she has grown so much I just can't believe it. I am also thrilled that I followed through with my resolution of 2009 to start this blog. I was able to make a post a month, so in 2010 my resolution is to continue this blog but try to write more. To all that follow my posts - I wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year for you and your families.

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