Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Baby to Carrots

I'm so disappointed in myself that I have yet to write one single post for 2010. So this is called catch-up!
Wow - what a whirlwind the past 4 months have been. We have been so busy, but I am loving every minute of it (mostly).
My maternity leave ended and I returned to work on January 18, so our life has been super crazy since then. With two full-time working parents time certainly does fly more than I ever thought it would. We are in our rhythm, but it's tough. I hate having to be away from her more than I am with her, but bills don't pay themselves so to work we must go. We have some positive opportunities that we are diving into this year, so I am optimistic that our schedules will become a little less chaotic by the end of the year.
Motherhood is amazing and I really am enjoying it. I never thought I would love a human being as much as I love that little girl, but she is transforming each and every week into a bigger and brighter energy that has brought so much joy to our lives.
I feel like just yesterday I was giving birth to her and now all of a sudden she is eating carrots.

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