Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Craziness and Other Random Thoughts

Does anyone else feel like there is never enough time in the weekend? Each week I feel like this becomes more and more true! Seriously! Every Monday I think, what happened to the weekend and why doesn't the work week go that quickly?? :) A lot of my busy scheduling is of my own doing, but what can I say I like to spend time with family and friends. Between that and my motherly and wifely duties that keep me plenty busy, I just feel like the weekends are gone in a flash. Mark and I were discussing this in length last night. Where did the lazy Sundays go, when we had nothing planned and all the time in the world? I want just one of those days again soon! I cannot remember the last weekend day that we had nothing going on. I need to find the pause button! May I also mention that I am running a 5K in just a few weeks and I haven't ran (unless you count up and down the stairs at home) anywhere in almost three weeks. Pathetic! I've really fallen off the wagon the past few weeks. Once I got the green light from my OB to work out again I went at it and was feeling really good. We did the St. Patty's Day 5 mile race downtown and I felt awesome. Our schedule has become so crazy lately that there is no time to go to the gym unless I want to put Mia in the box they call child care at my gym. Mark just can't get home early enough for both of us to get to the gym. How do you work full time, take care of a baby and workout on a regular basis?? I never wanted to be the person that used the phrase, "There are just not enough hours in the day," but I am using it because there are not enough of them. If I would just win the freakin' lottery I could hire someone to bust my a**!! Until then, I need to reset my goals and get back out there. I cannot workout like I used to. I can't go to the gym for an hour anymore, so I need to do what I can. It's better than nothing! It's up to me and as much as I wish I could pass the buck onto someone else, I'm the only person that can make me get back to my routine. Plus I have to be in a swimsuit in 4 weeks - eeeeekkkksssss!!!! I'm not complainin,' I'm just sayin!'

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