Thursday, December 16, 2010

Da and Da and Santa

Mia's vocabulary is getting stronger and stronger each day. It's amazing to watch her learn. She can identify a lot of things around the house: clock, lamp, dog, TV, tree, light, fan, and so many more. She recognizes so many objects and ideas. Give Momma a huggie, she will and follow it with an awwww....., what does a cat say....eow.....Old MacDonald had a farm....eieiooo (we normally do that part together). But everything goes by the same name...da!...and I love it. All night long, it's da...da...da...da as she points to the object. Our poor dogs, who now get very little of our attention, will bark a lot and play with each other to entertain themselves and in an attempt to get our attention, a pet, a treat or something. I think we say No and yell at them more than we think because Mia has started mimicking us when it gets really loud (the dogs, not us LOL). She will stand there and point and shake her arm up and down and yell No or some other unidentified noise. It's too funny! On a separate note, tonight is Mia's first official picture with Santa. We're heading up to Chesterfield Mall after work. She'll be all ready with her Christmas outfit on (including tutu). I just hope she wants to sit on the Jolly Ole' Man's lap. We practiced at a Christmas party a few weeks back with her cousins and let's just say she was fine, but Santa almost dropped her. I think three kids on his lap was one too many. Anyway the picture should be sent to Ellen because it's hilarious! It would be a great addition to her Bad Santa photos - Assuming we don't have to pay $100 to buy a copy of the picture and/or I can scan it, I will post it tonight or tomorrow. Happy Day Before Friday and The Last 5 Day Work Week For Two Weeks (but who's counting...)

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