Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Awesomeness of My Parents

(Yes 2 posts today...I'm having a busy brain day and it needs to be released) With every life event there is a lesson to be learned. I feel very strongly in that. I've always known that my parents were great, but I think I really took that for granted. My parents are not just great, they are AWESOME! They would bend over backward for any of us. I have always been thankful for them, but I am even more thankful for them today than every before. They have raised three great girls who have all branched out and started their own chapters in the book of life. My Dad - where do I start with him...Did I mention he is awesome? I have always had a very special bond with my dad. I was the athlete and since my mom and dad had no boys, my dad and I spent a lot of time together. We are exactly 30 years apart in age and 2 years ago our family threw us a surprise 60/30 Birthday Party! It was great and I could never imagine celebrating with anyone else. He's stubborn and has a temper - I get that from him. He's clean and particular (I only like big paperclips, can't stand the small ones and am really particular about the paper I write on, the pens I use and highlighters...no comments please) - I get that from him. He likes popcorn, sugar and soda - I get that from him. He puts everyone else before him - I get that from him. I could go on and on. The thought of life without him is traumatizing to me, but I try not to think about it. He's a great Dad! My Mom - Growing up my Mom and I always got along, but have grown much much closer in my adult years. She has been a very strong sense of reason for me, especially as of late and I appreciate her even more for that. She loves to read books and magazines - I get that from her. She loves Target - I get that from her!!! She loves girly movies - I get that from her and love watching them with her. She's likes to make jewelry, loves CPK and Pizza Hut - I definitely get that from her. She's thoughtful - I hope to be like her. Growing up I can always remember my Mom's little notes. In my book bag, lunch, anywhere where she knew I would find them and they just brightened my day. I definitely get that from her. My husband gets little notes and cards from me all the time. I love to do it. It feels good to make someones day. The thought of life without my Mom is devastating, but I try not to think about that either. She's wonderful. Thanks Mom & Dad for setting such a great example of what it truly is to be a parent. If only every child were as lucky to have you as we are! I love you, The Middle One

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