Monday, March 19, 2012

I Can Run Like The Wind Blows (Well Not Really)

I did it.  I made it.  I finished.

And it was hard.  The hills. The pavement.  All hard.

I even sprinted to the end when my legs were surely turning to jello just to say I could.

4.35 miles is a long way for this girl.  The non-runner who is trying to pretend to be one.


I'm proud.  Very proud of myself for sticking to and accomplishing my goal.  I've set myself up for a lot of goals in 2012 and I've stuck pretty hard to two of them - running and becoming a gym rat.  There is a lot of year left.  So....yay me!

The people.  The signs.  The extra "umph" they provided, especially that last mile (all up hill).

The Hubs ran too.  He pushed Mia in the jogging stroller.  And...

He beat me.

I knew he would.  He's one of those abnormal types that doesn't have to train to run.  He hadn't run in two months.  Me...since January.

I do have to train to run.  It's the only way I can do it.

Saturday, I was the strongest I've been in a really long time.  The muscles I have strengthened over the past three and a half months made a huge difference in how my body felt during and after.  BIG.  HUGE!

So proud.  Pat on the back.

And why do I always shed a few tears at the end.  I mean seriously Melissa.  Get it together.

Afterwards, I was rewarded with a few beers, a lovely day with my Hubs and my girl, some parade action and then a torrential downpour.  But it was a perfect day!

Now, which one is next?  I have three more to complete this year to meet my goal.


Emily said...

How awesome! I'd love to get into running too.

Gina said...

Maybe I'll run the next one with you.

Ha. Ha. Hahahahaha.

SEL said...

Melissa!! I'm so very proud of you!! You did so well and I thought of you while I did my half the same morning!

I'm totally jealous that your husband didn't need to train. But good for him for doing it with you!