Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Kind Of Sacrifice Is OK

I've made mention of all the projects we are doing and looking forward to in 2012.  I've talked about the fact that we bought a short sale home that had been vacant for over a year and was clearly occupied by several animals prior to our arrival.  May I also point out, we moved in 5 days before we had our baby. I've said that detail once or 203 times, but it was such a crazy experience.  Our home and our life was completely thrown upside down, sideways and every direction in between.  We were happy to have a home after 7 months, but um....


It's been a work in progress from the beginning.  The entire house had to be painted and re-carpeted, one month of work, before we could even move in.  We knew it would be that way and we were ok with that.  Better deal, we got to pick the finishes, etc.

This year we have decided that we would go full steam ahead on the bottom of our list (i.e. the most costly projects - our deck and our kitchen), but we would have to sacrifice one very BIG thing.

You guys.  I have sacrificed my vacation.  So instead of going here

or putting our toes here

or here

or taking naps here

I will be using my vacation days to paint, decorate, pick out tile, granite, and so much more.

I'm excited (like, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited) because as I may have mentioned once or twice, Momma loves a good decorating/renovation project.

But let's be real.  This girl is spoiled rotten when it comes to vacays.  Always have been.  I'll admit it and say what you must.  I'm lucky, blessed and extremely fortunate, but no vacay may cause me to lose my mind.

I can't chill and relax at home.  It just doesn't work.  I try.  But there is always something to be done.  I can say what I want about taking a long weekend here or there, but if I'm at home I will be doing something.  Most of the time I am completely ok with "keeping busy."

We have a lake trip planned with friends over Memorial Day weekend and possible a weekend away, a staycation of sorts, with the Hubs for our 5 year anni coming up this summer.  So I am guaranteed a few days away.  But staycation or whatever you want to call it is not the same.

Honestly - I need a break from life once a year.  Just once.  And preferably somewhere warm with a beach, water, cocktails and food.  I need to rejuvenate my soul.  I need alone time with my family, outside of our "normal" day to day routine.  I need to watch Mia explore in a new environment, I need to just sit by my husband and talk and hold his hand and I just need to take a breath.  We all do.

But, I shall sacrifice so that we can finally feel like we are "done" with our house (for 2012 anyway).  Who am I kidding, done....that's funny.

I'm not going to feel guilty for feeling like I am sacrificing my vacation, as I'm sure some of you will think I'm crazy for considering that a sacrifice, but my Hubs and I work very hard for the things that we have and the vacations we take.  There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears into how we financially provide for each other and our girl.  Nothing is handed to us.  We make every penny and we both work out asses off doing so.

Not asking for pity or sympathy, just using my voice and realizing that I won't get a break this year.

I'm ok with that.  All the work we have put into this house and all the work we continue to put into it continues to make it feel more and more like home.

Making our house our home is worth any sacrifice it takes to get there.

Even if it means I go one year without sand between my toes.  I just have to remember I should be thankful that we are able to do a lot of the things that we want to do.  We're definitely some of the lucky ones.

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Lindsey said...

Just get knocked up.... then you will realize a tropical vacation without the awesome, all inclusive margaritas isn't worth it ;)