Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's somehow Wednesday again I'm once again linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for another edition of So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What if:

  • I will be holding down the office by myself starting Friday through next Wednesday.  No biggie.  Running an office solo is no big deal.
  • Mia has been falling asleep with me at night probably more than she should be, but how do you deny the request for cuddles AND really there is nothing better than watching your child sleep.
  • Our tile has been done for 2 weeks and we STILL have yet to pick out our granite.  It's all fine and dandy to piece meal a project to save on contractor's fees and all, but this is getting ridiculous.  My goal is to be done with everything by the end of the year (it was Thanksgiving) so fingers crossed.
  • I've been thinking and dreaming about turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy for several days in a row.  
  • I set my DVR for Teen Mom 2 because Jersey Shore is just not enough ridiculousness in my life.
  • I cook, but don't bake.  However will be making a pie for Thanksgiving   I don't like to bought premade anything, so I figure I'll give it a go.  If not, I'm sure WalMart will be open on the way to my sisters.  
Happy Hump Day!


Gina said...

So what if I miss Vinny now that I don't have cable?

Shannon said...

Kitchen renos suck, I'm so happy ours is done. I promise you it's worth it!

SEL said...

I'm the opposite: I bake (obviously, I have my own bakery) and am just now starting to cook.

Can't wait to see the finished product in your house. Eek!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

I loathe baking too. I don't know what it is!

Cheryl Enlow said...

I love to bake but hate to cook. I do it. But just dont like it. I have never tried my hands at a pie though. Good luck :)

Stopping by from the link up to say hi :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh man I LOVE to bake!! Problem is, I also love to eat. So I don't get to bake nearly as often as I'd like to!!