Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So What Wednesday

So this must mean I am officially back if I'm linking up with Shannon for one of my most favorite blog topics ever, So What Wednesday!  Holla!

This week I am saying, So What If:

  1. We still have our Christmas lights on the house.  Yep.  We are those people.  But Momma can't do ladders in her current condition, so waiting on the Hubs to get them down.  I'm pretty sure he forgot.
  2. I've gone into full blown neurotic OMG the baby is coming in 2 months mode.  Everything must be done NOW.
  3. Some nights after I get home from work Mia watches TV or plays the iPad almost the entire evening because I just want to sit down, put my feet up and rest my vajayge.  This baby hurts.
  4. Mia's clothes are picked out based on where she's going and who she is going to see each day.
  5. Mia is extremely picky about her undies and socks (that are often mismatched because that's how she rolls) and jammies.  Therefore those drawers are an absolute disaster.  2 years ago Melissa would have not been ok with that.  Current Melissa could care less.
  6. We are painting the office (that will become the nursery) on Saturday.  By we, I mean my family that has volunteered to help, and the Husband still needs to clear out his paperwork, files and furniture.  Tic to the toc.
  7. We are running out of time to rid Mia of the binky.  The goal was her 3rd birthday, that came and went, so then it became before sister gets here.  I'm about as motivated to get rid of it as she is and please don't suggest the binky fairy.  She doesn't like that option.  Like not even in the least bit and I've tried to bribe her with presents and it still won't work.

Happy Hump Day!

1 comment:

Amber W said...

I totally forgot about So What Wednesday today... I will play along next week. (where is time going?) Yah that question isn't helping your whole FREAKING OUT CAUSE BABY IS COMING!!! lol...
Tell hubby to get on the lights on the office pronto. Or else!
And whatever... so she has a binky. There are bigger battles to worry about I am sure. When you are having/just have a baby it's all about survival mode right? So do what you have to do to survive!!