Monday, January 28, 2013

The Countdown

Friday marks the start of the last full month of this pregnancy and I'm just overly amazed at how quickly this time has gone.

I'm trying to soak up my Mia time as best as I can.  I'm overwhelmed with emotion when I think about the fact that she is our only for just a short while longer.  It does make me sad, as she is my everything.  I struggle, as many parents do, with how I will ever be able to imagine love any greater than what we have for Mia.  How is that humanly possible?  I know that it is.  I don't question it.  We're just not there yet, so until I experience it I will struggle with that.

My daughter's heart is growing by the day and I do feel strongly that it's all in preparation for her sister to arrive.  She's making more room in her already amazingly sweet heart for her little sister.  She loves spending time in her room and indeed helped Daddy put up the crib yesterday.  She wants to do all things and help with all things related to her sister's upcoming arrival.

Even more so, she is always helping me.  Last night, I lied in bed watching the SAG's while she and Hubs put up the crib.  She came and checked on me often to make sure I was "ok."  She tucked me in 100 times, she gave me 403 kisses and told me she loved me more than I could ever count.  Does it get any better than that?  She's listening, helping out with chores, doing all the things we've been trying.  We even managed to give up the binky this weekend.

We're in such a good place, our little family.  It's a great feeling, especially leading into the arrival of our newest family member.

My heart is full and that's a really good thing.

I needed to feel like this.  I needed this past weekend to get to a place where I felt content and ready.

I wasn't there two weeks ago, but I'm there today.

We have a little less than 7 weeks to go until Baby W #2's arrival.

We're excited to meet her and we're excited for our next chapter.

Have a great week!


Jamie said...

So sweet. I, too, worry about how baby two is going to fit in and how I can possibly love him the same. Guess we'll see soon!

Erika said...

This post made me so happy. I am now so so thankful we waited a little bit longer to start working on #2. I love hearing that Mia is such a good helper and she really understands (well, as best as she can:-)) that baby sister is coming to join the family. Can't wait to hear about her arrival!

SEL said...

So sweet. Mia is lucky to have you all, and vice versa. This pregnancy has flown by for me too, even though I'm only 15 weeks.

You always sound so positive about the changes that are coming. You're a bright light for me. xo

Jillian said...

It's so funny because I have a post identical to this right before A was born. And two years later I feel bad when they are apart. They just complete each other so perfectly! Sure they fight a lot but they get along and play. They are each others best friends and I can't imagine never having another one. They just love having a sibling! And soon two will be your whole world!