Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are We?

We've officially decided (well 99.99999%) that we are done having children.  I'm 35 and the Hubs turns 42 in October.  We don't want to be attending their college graduations with our walkers or scooters.

Yesterday, my youngest sister picked up the bassinet to take back to her house and they have babies on the brain this year (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for more nieces, or maybe a nephew?)

My Hubs looked at me yesterday after I told him she had picked up the bassinet and the first words out of this mouth? "So I guess we really are done huh?"


It's a very weird and emotional feeling to know you may be done having children.

The feeling that you have closed that chapter of your life.

To know that I will never experience the amazing journey of pregnancy again.

I'm trying to do my best with soaking up all of Marlow's "babiness," her smell, her coos, her milestones, knowing that it will likely be the last baby I have.

Life is fast.  We've all said it a million times, but once you have kids it goes so much faster.

I need to read this every day.  In the chaos of our routine most days, this is such a good reminder that today is the only day they will be just like they are today.  Tomorrow they will be different.


Lauren said...

Girl, I know exactly what you are talking about. We said we were done, but we really aren't. Ya know? It's all about the "finality" of it. Like you said, closing a chapter. I'm not sure I'm ready for a barren uterus. To never feel baby kicks again. I feel complete with my 2 girls, but not sure I'm ready to let go of ever being pregnant again. Life is TOO fast and I'm not growing old gracefully!!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, I love that comment. It gets me every single time. I think that's a sign that I need to hang it on my wall. It's so tough to soak up those fleeting moments when life gets busy, but definitely worth it.