Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bronde is the New Blonde

So as per usual, it's fall and therefore time to go a bit darker with the hair color so I'm not in the salon every 4 weeks and my Hubs doesn't take away my wallet.

He's not a fan of the darker hair, which he pointed out last night.  But I really like it for this time of year.  I will be back to my blonde self next spring, no worries Husband.  Saw a ton on "bronde" while perusing Pinterest for hair color inspiration.  I'm loving it!

I'm not that wife that doesn't cut or color her hair because her Husband doesn't want a different hair color or shorter hair.  My hair, my deal.  It's kind of all I have left that is 100% mine at this point.



Day After
Early morning robe shot, bags included, you're welcome.

Sidenote: as much as I "see" all of you through your FB, IG and blog feeds, 
it's always interesting to actually hear your voices; also this is super corny,
but that is me 90% of the time and Mia is just like me in the
goofy department...reason #413 that Hubs thinks he needs a man cave....
"I need a space to get away from 3 girls."  Whatevs.  Funsucker.

What my stylist really wants me to do, which I love for long hair, but not sure I want to go much darker.
She's beautiful and I'm quite the fan of the tossled look - it's way easy.

Happy Hump Day my friends!

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bec said...

cutest the hair!
Bec x