Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eight Months of Pure Goodness

Marlow Lacy, you are an amazing girl.

Your smile, personality and most importantly those cheekies light up every room.

You're a perfect addition to our little family and we are so thankful for you each and every day.

Today you are 8 months old.

I cannot believe how quickly these past 8 months have gone.

The past month has been a month of changes for you:

  • You're crawling
  • You're pulling up on things
  • You need your Momma 0.234 seconds after I've walked in the door
  • You stare at your sissy ALL.THE.TIME.
  • You want to cuddle and wrestle with the dogs, not sure they're the biggest fans of that idea
  • You've stood, without holding onto anything, for seconds at a time multiple times.  You, my love, may be an early walker.

You sleep 11-12 hours a night and you appear to be taking after your Momma in the sleep department - early to bed, early to rise.  Sorry sister.  You take two great naps almost each and every day.

You're starting to give hugs.  Each and every time I get you out of your crib or pick you up, I feel you grab a little tighter each time.  When you rest your head on my shoulder or fall asleep in my lap I melt into a million mushy pieces of motherly love.

You're eating like a champ.  You love your food, especially spaghetti squash, your puffs and your sippys of water.  All big girl type things.

You continue your obsession with remote controls, the fireplace and pulling all of the DVDs out of the TV cabinet.

You are certainly on the go and ready to move.

Happy 8 months Itty Bitty.

We love you so much!

Guess I should start planning your first birthday, huh?

With Love, Always & Forever,

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