Monday, November 25, 2013

Brudders and Stuff

Mia's has officially become obsessed with her baby sister.

"I love our baby."

"I love my sister."

"She's sooooo cute Mom."

Cup runneth over like whoa.

Her new thing, however, is that she feels that because we have given her a sister, she would also now like a brother, actually a brudder to be exact.

It's cute, yes.

But first of all, I'm one of three girls, my sister has two girls and my sister in law has two girls.  The whole weenie thing doesn't seem to happen in my family.

Annnnnndddddddd....we've been officially official on the two kids and done thing for a while now.

They're awesome and sweet, but they don't sleep very late and I haven't slept in years and I'm tired and kids are expensive and our routine is nuts as it is.

So as much as I would like to give Mia another gift of a sibling, she'll just have to hang on for her next cousin.

Happy Turkey Week!

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Jamie said...

Happy turkey week!