Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Time Has Come My Friends, Wanna Join?

So yeah, working out.  Outside of post-dinner dance parties with Mia and our walks around the subdivision, there is not a whole lot of that going on lately.

Howeeeeeeever, I've been inspired.

I spent most of my junior high, high school and college days playing volleyball.  All year round.  I was always active.  I ran, trained and played volleyball constantly.  Even after college, I coached for 2 years and still played in my own "old lady" leagues.  The last tournament I played in was on a evening league, after work.  I was loosing the competition that I loved so much about the sport.  I was showing up and playing against women with sweat bands on their forehead and wrists and knee pads and elbow pads.  I never was a fan of knee pads.  I always said real volleyball players don't need them if you know how to land/fall correctly.  I was starting to feel old.  All of us were.  When you go from the collegiate level to the adult level of competition, things change.  So I stopped.playing.for.good.

I kept working out and taking care of myself.  I had a lot of injuries in my career and didn't want to feel any results of those injuries, so I kept my muscles strong and active.

Work got busier, life got busier and then I got married.  We worked out together all the time, went on bike rides (however I am still not good on the bike, never was) and focused on taking care of us.  Then we decided to start trying for a baby.  It took us 8 months to get pregnant.  During that time, I still exercised and took yoga.  Throughout my entire pregnancy with the exception of the last 2 months or so I worked out several times a week and continued with yoga.  Then, we became parents in a new house, in a new town.  As soon as I got the green light from my doctor, I went back to the gym.  I started the C25K running program because let's be honest, most of my maternity leave was spent on the couch.  I had a goal.  I wanted to run the St. Patty's Day 5 mile in March.  I ran and I ran and I ran and then race day came.  The Hubs, my sister and I all ran it.  Mia "ran" in the jogging stroller with Daddy.  My sister and I stayed together and motivated each other.  I even cried when I crossed the finish line.  Not a scary, crinkle ugly face cry, but a happy "yay for me" cry!  It was awesome!  It was such an accomplishment.  I ran track & field in high school, but I was a sprinter and a jumper, not a long distance runner.

After that.  I officially fell off of the wagon.  The gym I belonged to was bad.  Too small and too crowded.  The one on my way home from work had old equipment.  I lost my drive.  I still do yoga occasionally at home thanks to Ms. Bethenny Frankel (love her) and do go on walks with Mia.  But that's it.  Better than nothing, but I could be doing more.

We all know how difficult it is to work out and have a family.  It is.  Say it with me.  We know and it's ok to admit it.

There's a certain someone in my blog universe that has had quite a remarkable year.  Katie is a motivation to many and was a motivation to me.  Therefore, I have made a commitment to myself and will be running the 5 mile St. Patty's Day Run for the 2nd time this March and thanks to Lindsay's suggestion I will be running with her and Gina, two other fine females in my blog universe.  Lindsay promised shenanigans afterwards and what girl doesn't like that for a little extra push. I mean it is a St. Patty's Day Run after all.

So thank you ladies!  I guess now I have an excuse to go get a new pair of running shoes because I'm quite sure the training will go much better if I have some pretty new ones!


Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Reading that was such an inspiration! Good luck on the run. I hope you get the same amazing feeling you got the first time when you cross that finish line! :)

A Mommy in the City said...

Good luck! I worked out all the time too and since this pregnancy has made me so sick I find it so hard to get back in the gym. I miss it so much though!

Hanna said...

Yay you!!! I'm ao glad your doing this!!! Can't wait to keep up with your progress:)