Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saying SO What

This week, I'm linking up again with Shannon at Life After I Dew and this week I'm saying SO WHAT if:

1. I left work early yesterday to go get my roots done.

2. I had a margarita last night after going to the gym.  It was a skinnygirl, so there.

3. Mia's rocking the potty training, yet the bedtime routine has been driving me a little crazy.  She now knows the potty can be another stall tactic in delaying bedtime, but this early in the game I have to let her go.  Last night, she didn't go down until 9.  And by then I was exhausted.

4. I let Mia have ice cream with two pieces of bubble gum in it yesterday even though she has no idea what to do with it.  "Don't swallow it, just chew it and when you're done spit it out in the napkin." "Mia, where's the gum?"  "In my mouth."  "Well, spit it out.  Did you swallow it?"  "No."  "Are you sure?"  "It may upset your tummy."  "My tummy hurts."

5. Speaking of ice cream, my neighbor bought $35 worth of ice cream from the ice cream truck and yes I judged her for it.  Especially if her freezer was already full.  But she did give Mia a Spongebob ice cream with freezer burn on it, so that was nice.

6. If I'm overwhelmed by life right now, everything seems so busy and time just keeps flying by faster and faster.  Thank goodness Memorial Day is just around the corner and therefore a little timeout, some relaxation, sun, boat time, drinkies, good eats and good friends.

7. Because of Shannon I now need a personalized key ring because it's just that cute and who doesn't need a little key flair.

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have a good one!


Shannon Dew said...

i think leaving work to get your hair did is perfectly acceptable! i'm going to get mine done today! yay for pretty hairs!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Hooray for potty training and booze after the gym. We can work out together.