Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now!

  • My Ann Taylor Loft cropped pants.  Perfect for work and super comfy and I got 2 pair for a steal at the Outlet Mall over the weekend.
  • Fun, bright nail polish, especially via Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.  This stuff has taken me from my OPI/Essie obsession to a much cheaper and long lasting option.  There is nothing better than a fresh mani/pedi.  On my toes at the moment:

Pacific Blue

  • The sun and the amount of Vitamin D I received over the weekend.
  • Speaking of Vitamin D, the vacation day and pool day I have planned for Monday with friends and family.
  • My 2" and 1" Conair curling irons.  Both great purchases.  I've had my 2" for years and the 1" was just purchased in the past year in an attempt to get the wavy curl look.
  • Suave hair products.  Thanks to this girl's recommendation!  Um, again, I was a professional product whore for years, but I'm always trying to cut the dollars somewhere.  My favorites:

Replaces my Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Creme

Refreshing.  I've also tried their Sleek  shampoo and Humectress conditioner.
  • My new deodorant.  I've always been a Dove girl for my deodorant, but this whole chamomile thing they have going on has my essential oil lovin' heart all excited.  

  • Blonde colored bobby pins.  Always been a fan and my love will continue.
  • Wine.  Always and forever, amen. (like this wasn't going to be included.)
  • My staple, go to hairspray.  I've used it for years, they just recently changed it, but I still like it.  Works great, inexpensive AND smells fabulous.

  • Bath and Body Works handsoap.  I have an addiction and a problem.  Right now I have Wildberry Dahlia in my kitchen and French Lavender in Mia's/my bathroom.  LOVE.
  • The fact that it is Sea Island Cotton fragrance mist time of year.  My favorite!  I weird about this.  I can only wear certain smells during certain time of the year.  Same applies for my candles and Scentsy fragrances.  You won't catch me burning Baked Apple Pie in July.
  • The wallflower refills that I created with my own essential oils (thank you Pinterest).  The lemon I used in my kitchen didn't really ever smell, but the lavender that I used upstairs smelled like you were walking up to a spa.  However since they are 1/3 oil and 2/3 water, they only last for about a week.  I might try to add more oil next time.

I'm a smell girl (um, clearly).  My love for most things is based on smell, but it also has to work.  I'm a product girl.  Always have been.  

So what are you lovin' right now?

All images, excepted as noted, via Google.


Gina said...

I just bought some essential oils...I need to look into this homemade wallflower refill thing!

Jamie said...

Love the bright nails!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I'm not usually a fan of blue nails but I am loving that color!!

Glad you liked the Suave!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Love love love that nail polish. Just bought the suave dry shampoo and am completely smitten.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Holy moly cannoli - I LOVE that nail polish color! Guess I know what I'll be doing this week... trying to find it!

That's my fave hairspray too - that plus Suave dry shampoo = perfection!