Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HGTVin' It!

So ya know those moments in life that you get really excited about something to the point where you're a bit antsy and it's somewhat difficult to sleep because you are so overly anxious.....????

That's me this week.  I am renovating my family room with my cousin on Saturday and YES, we are getting it all done in one day.  Hubby will be working and I really want it to be done when he gets home.

Last night we went shopping for the rug and accessories, including some really awesome pillows and lamps. I haven't had that exciting of a Monday evening in years :) Now that the accessories are purchased and all I'm left to do is get the paint and order my new canvas (black and white...my fav!) for our mantle (Woot!) I'm really giddy about the whole thing.  Stayed tuned on the canvas.  I need your input on which picture to order.

As you may or may not recall, we moved into our current home five....yes 5....days before Mia was born, so the house was chaotic and since we had to repaint the entire interior, we kept it simple.  Wordly Gray by Sherwin Williams simple in fact.  I love this color as a base wall color.  We did limited accent walls, due to time, but did manage to paint the kitchen Foxy by SW (burnt orange) and our master bedroom Ryegrass by SW (a sagey green).  Mia's room was painted in pink and brown and the rest of the house was very Worldly Gray.  I'm a color girl.  I.am.not.sckuuured.  It's my house and I want it to be the way our family (well mostly me...hubby just wants simple everything) want to live in it.  I want it to be cheery and full of energy and not just because I have a toddler.  I don't want to be afraid to paint it something fun and bold because we may eventually sell it and etc., etc.  I kept the paint to a minimum for this renovation and focused mostly on accents/accessories that can easily be changed.  However paint is not scary and it's relatively easy to change.  So many people fear anything too bold, but I say it's your home, so make it what is comfortable for you.  Not anyone else.
So this weekend, my inspiration is my fireplace wall.  That's it. 

One accent wall and the rest of my vision came to life last night in our shopping extravaganza.  We are incorporating lots of bold colors and I CANNOT wait to see it come to life.

Here is what my fireplace wall color will be (be sure to picture my new white (current oak color) mantle)!

Marooned - Sherwin Williams SW6020

I'm living in my own HGTV show right now and it's making me all sorts of happy.  I'll be sure to post before and afters this weekend and maybe a few teasers via Twitter (@TallBlondeBlog) along the way!

Now if I can only figure out a way to convince Hubs that we Momma REALLY need(s) some new leather furniture to finish off this room.  Any advice on that one feel free to share!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


the workaholic momma said...

YAY!! That's so exciting...make sure to take some before and after pictures to share....and yes, you *need* leather - much easier to clean with a little one:)

blueviolet said...

You are SO on trend with that gray wall color!