Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Is A Good Day For A Video

I would like to present my daughter.on a trampoline. For the first time. All by herself (especially without any big kids, more specifically the girl that thought it was an MMA cage match with my toddler, don't mess with my kid chica...hey parentals, your kid, yeah that one trying to pin my daughter on a should lesson opportunity here).

Please note, my daughter has little fear.  Thank you God for trampoline nets.

WARNING to my husband (not that he really reads this) but she may need one and I'm pretty sure someone is rapidly approaching Birthday #2.

It is sideways cause YouTube is jacked up and won't let me rotate and SAVE.  Funny thing when there is no save button when editing a video.  Annoying.  Anywho, just turn your head to the left when watching.

Mia and the Trampoline

Happy Thursday!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love the happy yellow colors of your blog. yellow is my favorite :) your family is adorable by the way!

Lindsey said...

How cute! And trampolines with nets are the sissy way to use them ;) Kidding. The former gymnast in me can't resist a good trampoline! We will definitely have one in the future and I will ALWAYS be on it! Such a cute video :)