Friday, August 5, 2011

One Real Quick Thing...

I don't want to work today.  I wish I had taken the day off.  I'm distracted and tired.  This week has been crazy, mostly due to work commitments, several evening calls from my client (which requires my brain to work "outside of normal business hours") and I have been running around like a crazy person.  I need a work time out (and no snarky comments about how I just was in Mexico a month or so ago, that seems like a year ago...I'm for real!).

I'm ready for 2:00 which is the time I will be leaving the office today.  Not.a.minute.later.  I will then be ready to see, kiss and hug on my baby for about 30 minutes before Hubs and I depart on our journey for our Float/Camp weekend.  I am ready for cocktails, food and campfires.  I do hope it does NOT rain as forecasted (seriously weather controller person, whoever you may be...I am inside ALL the freakin' time, can you just throw us a bone here and not rain after 2:00 today? K? Thanks.).

Hubs is in charge of shopping for our trip today and I really hope he remembers my fan more than anything. Must have air circulation in the tent. Picky much? He has a list from me AND my Mom (who is staying at our house for the weekend to watch Mia).  GOD love him!

That's all.  The End.

Have a GREAT, FUN weekend!

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Posh Peach said...

Thanks so much for the congrats! Hope you had a great weekend!