Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Should Seriously Pitch Our Own Show...Seriously

The happiness that is my new family room.  Happy Momma over here.  Totally tooting my own horn here (and my cousin), but this is quite the transformation.  It is SO MUCH BETTER than I even imagined (and I was pretty confident it would all come together and be amazing!).  It's warm and cozy, yet modern and bold.

We began about 10:00 am, but it was after 12:00 by the time all the kiddos were cleared out of the residence.  We were done by 8:00 pmish.  Long and crazy day, but worth every drip of sweat and every feeling of whether we were truly on our own TV show.  My heart raced towards the end because I wanted it to all be pulled together before my husband returned.  Hubs was asked to leave for the day and was told to come back anytime after 5:00, which then became 6:00, then 7:00 and yes again another text to come home at 8:00.  He luckily had to work as he did on most Saturdays, but was ready to come home.

Before...I had already started moving the room around by the time I took these pictures. 

And the Afters...

Hubby's new (Man, Football, Sports, Sunday) chair
Pillow - Gordman's, floor lamp and area rug - Lowe's, clock - Target (clearance)

The new couch...goodbye to the day of straightening couch covers and welcome to the family leather. 
A parents (of children and dogs) dream. Clearly our faux suede creme colored furniture were purchase pre-children and dogs.  Live and learn :)

Mantle (all accessories, minus the framed pic, from Gordman's...all on clearance...can I get a Woot! Woot!)  The only thing missing is my 16x20 black and white photo canvas, which should be arriving this week.

Painted our end table to go with the new decor, lamp and wall art from Gordman's and already had the framed photo (engagement picture).  Wine is just an extra post -Sunday dinner thing.

Pretty good angle of the new room as a whole.  I still think my favorite part is the rug and then the furniture.  Without both of those, this room would not be what it is.  New storage ottoman from Target...only $79.99 and no more remotes, books or coasters sitting out.  All now tucked away.

The best part, is that hubby LOVED it....and he has done a good job today putting an indentation into the seat of his new chair.  Ha!  Love Lazy Sundays :)

A big thank you to my cousin that helped my vision come to life and dedicating her entire Saturday to bust her a$$ with me and get it done in one day!

Have a great week!

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