Thursday, August 4, 2011


If you've been following along you well know that I'm a spa junkie, product junkie and major nail polish junkie (but you would be happy to know it's been months since I've bought a new steps people.baaaby.steps.).

For Mother's Day (yes, Mother's Day the same holiday your are thinking of that happens in May) my sisters and I wanted to treat my mom to a spa/pool day at the Four Seasons in downtown STL.  Remember this girls night, it was so awesome and we needed a reason to go back.  And this whole spa thing I love, that is thanks to my Mom who is the original spa junkie (the Husband thanks you dearly Mom for passing that addiction onto me).  Well we finally figured out a Sunday when all four of us had an open schedule.  This was last Sunday. Busy much?

We had an awesome time!  I was gone by 8:00 am (a little early for my weekend taste, but you can't really bitch when it's because you have to go to the spa) and didn't return home until 4:30 pm.  The best part is when we were checking in and my phone rang.  It was the hubs...asking where I was.  Seriously?  We only talked about this 14 times in the past two weeks.  Anyway, after a few chuckles and a reminder he then realized he remembered my spa day.  He clearly needed some coffee...way foggy brain.

We started the day at the spa...I got a pedi this time and it was an hour aaaand a half.  It was fantabulous, so relaxing and so peaceful.  I didn't take my phone for a reason, a). I thought it would be kinda rude, b). I can sit for 90 minutes without my trusty sidekick and c). my sister was getting a mani at the same time and it was much more important to ingest in girly conversation with my sibling.

Oh and the OPI Silver Shatter that I previously discussed.  I finally tried it.  I did it with red, which was the tech's recommendation and it turned out pretty cool, but I still think a brighter, more summery color would be better.  I'm definitely going to have to try the Black Shatter around Halloween.  There is no way to take a picture of your toes that looks good.  Toes are just weird.

Upon completion of our "services," we proceeded to the rooftop pool for lunch, a few Sunday afternoon cocktails and pool time.  Here are few of my favorite pics (also, I have been playing around with the Snapbucket photo app on my phone and I love it):

 Poolside view 1

 Poolside View 2

 Poolside View 1.1 - our water...the Mississippi

 Poolside View 3...home of the Rams...Edward Jones Dome

 Our view at lunch...towards the pool

 Cheers to family, sisters and awesome Moms that deserve to be celebrated and pampered!

My oldest sister, my Mom, Me and my youngest sister

Happy Thursday! 
Float trippin' it this weekend!  That how we roll in MO! 
Hoosier style, tents (with an air mattress for this princess I have some limitations to "roughing it"),
 campfires, good drinks, food, trucker hats, camo
and a day on the river in a raft, but most importantly doing all of this with awesome friends! 
I will provide a full report next week!


Lindsey said...

Just glad you didn't consider the Mississippi your pool.

the workaholic momma said... your spa days sounds amazing!!!! And sounds like you have a pretty awesome weekend ahead of you too!!!