Monday, October 31, 2011

One For The History Books

Like you didn't expect me to blog about're craaaaazyyyy!

Well folks, we did it!  We pulled it off!  The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2011 World Series Champions.

What a ride it was!  So much excitement, so much anxiety, so many tears (yes tears about baseball) and so many cheers!

I remember quite vividly Thursday night's Game 6.  A must win for our Birds!  The Rangers were only 1 win away from winning the Series.  The game that went on forever, into extra innings.  The emotion (and trying to keep it quiet emotion as the clock passed 11 and neared midnight and the lil' one was all tucked in nicely in her crib) was overwhelming.  The husband and I cheered (quietly) and whisper screamed and yelled.  And then our man, our hometown boy (we went to the same high school and he's of course younger than me like most of the team, except for Rhodes and Berkman) David Freese saved the day and we officially made it through another game with another victory but now...

Friday night.  My hubby's 40th.  We cancelled our dinner plans we are so serious.  Game 7.  This is it.  Just the 3 of us (well 5 of us if you include the fur children) camped out in front of the TV.  Someone will walk away as World Series Champions tonight.  This game just had a sweet feel about it.  In comparison to the night before, there was a bit less stress and why or how I have no idea.  The game started off with a 2 run lead by the Rangers (sh&@!).  But I just knew it.  I had a feeling and I'm so glad that feeling was spot on. 8 innings later, we were Champions!  And my girl, stayed up for the entire thing.  I videotaped the last out and everyone's reaction!  Quite priceless I must say!

I've experienced 4 World Series so far in my short lifetime.  The first at only 4 and 3 just in the past 9 years (2 only winners, but 3 nonetheless)!  I've been able to attend 2 of those.  Wow!  For a girl who loves sports, especially her St. Louis Cardinals this was quite a ride!  I'm so happy to have watched every moment, stayed up way too late on many a school night and possibly drank more than necessary on many a school night.

We sealed the Series and this amazing experience with a visit downtown yesterday afternoon with family and friends to cheer on our Cardinals one more time during the World Series Celebration Parade.  We had so much fun!  And yes, I took a few pieces of the confetti for our scrapbook.
Budweiser on this special day!

Sportin' her gear!

Awww....Cardinals LOVE!

All the kiddos...and Ben is quite the ladies' man can't ya tell?

With the announcement of Tony LaRussa's retirement this morning, 
the big question still remains - will he or won't he?
Have a great week!

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the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - SO excited for you guys and your awesome victory!!! I love Mia's hat too!! Hope you guys have a great Halloween!