Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Martes Es El Dia De Cotizacion

I'm obsessed with quotes and sayings that help me focus, make me smile, get me to think, etc.  So much so that I picked a few of my favorites and included them in my design of my 1/2 bath downstairs.

Last Tuesday, I posted one that made me laugh.

Each Tuesday I'll post another one that I like.  And the title will always be in Spanish, because I really wish I could actually speak the language so much that I could make a complete thought.  Maybe.someday.  And I'm not sure cotizacion is the right noun (it's referencing a quotation in relation to price or money; thank you spanishdict.com), so assistance there would be appreciated.  I will make mention that they could have created a different name for that website.  Just sayin.'

Be sure to share some of your favorites, but just a warning, if I like it I will borrow it.  So, thanks in advance.

Happy Tuesday, I mean...Martes!

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