Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheersy, Jeersy

  • Cheers to the fact that today is Friday
  • Cheers to Easter weekend and time with family
  • Cheers to Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny's long anticipated arrival and good food
  • Cheers to the White Sangria that I will be making for Easter (if it's anything like the Red I made for Christmas, it's going to be an even better day!)
  • Jeers to the fact that I have to work today.  Bare minimum we should at least get Good Friday or the day after Easter off.  Just sayin.
  • Cheers to the fact that I have a good job, a successful career and a job that I love (most days)
  • Cheers to the fact that the Hubs and Mia are having a daddy/daughter date today.  They haven't had one in weeks and I think the Hubs has been missing his alone time with his girl.
  • Jeers to the utter exhaustion I am feeling after spending almost 3 weeks working on my new dining room and getting very little sleep.  I may not open another can of paint for months or possibly ever.  Painting furniture is no joke.  Somehow, I still love it.
  • Jeers to the paint fumes I have been breathing in for the past three weeks.  Painting at night doesn't allow me to open up the garage because the bugs will fly in and I didn't have them in my design concept.
  • Cheers to finishing up my dining room and getting back to our "normal" next week.
  • Cheers to getting my house back together and giving it a big ole' clean. Yes, I cheers to cleaning.  Weird.  I know.  The "clean" that I have going on at the current moment is no bueno.
  • Cheers to the fam coming over tonight for fried fish and all the goods that come with it, including wine.
  • Cheers to wine. Obvs. Always.
  • Cheers to great blogging this week.  It was a good week.  I read a lot of really great posts.  Inspiring, funny and some that actual made me cry.  One that lead me to purchasing this.  There are some talented peeps out there.  Some people with some beautiful stories to tell and share.
  • Cheers to my girl who is rocking the big girl potty lately.
  • Cheers to the warm weather (except yesterday) and all the fun time we are getting to spend outside instead of trapped inside.
Cheers - 13
Jeers - 3
I'd say it's been a good week!

What are you cheersin' or jeersin' about this week?

Have a great weekend!


April Westerhold said...

Wait, the dining room is done? Pics, please!

Gina said...

I was cheers-in' not cleaning this weekend.

Then B reminded me that we have to get up early to clean before the inspection.

Big. Fat. Jeers.