Monday, April 30, 2012

It's On The Brain

The Hubs and I have been going back and forth for about a year on whether we will or we won't.

Realizing we're not getting any younger and we don't want to be attending our kid's graduations with our walkers, we've picked up the pace on the convo as of late.

We've done the pros and cons and have had many, often heavy, conversations about how this change will affect our Mia.  If you haven't picked up on it, she's the absolute love of our life and perfect and wonderful and sassy and adorable.  We've agreed life would be great with just one, no matter what everyone else says.  "She'll be weird if she's an only child."  "You can't have just one."  "You have to have at least one more."  Sadly, the majority of comments, whether asked for or not, were pretty negative.  Not very many people were like, "you do what you need to do that makes sense for your family."  My Mom is an exception and always had been.  She even made mention to me about starting to sell my baby stuff.  Slooooow down Mother, another kid or not, the lamby swing may stay in my house forever.

I never thought I would be a mother of an only child.  Especially growing up with my sisters.  I always envisioned at least 2 kids.

But then life happened and expenses happened and schedules happened.  And Mia, she's just plain awesome.

And our routine right now is like clock work.  Where it can be crazy and chaotic, 95.78% of the time we feel like we have "it" figured out.  What will it be like with another squishy, up every few hours, newborn? 2 kids, 2 full time working parents, lots of schedules is scary.  Plenty of people do it.  I realize this, but that doesn't mean it doesn't cause a small panic in my routine, schedule, calendar loving heart.

I've always leaned more towards another and the Hubs has always been less of an advocate for it, until...

He visited with a client, who happened to be a woman, who happened to be holding a newborn baby boy and that baby boy smiled at him.

And that my friends changed my Hubs mind and we are now officially in agreement that we will try one more time.

Last go around took us a while, but we didn't really know what we were doing.  Charting temps and whatnot.  Are you kidding me?  At the time we began trying for Mia, I had spent 29 years trying NOT to get pregnant and when I was ready, it took 8 months.  I know the road has been much worse for many and believe me, I count my blessings everyday.

Anyway, hopefully things go well and we're able to add another member to our family.

Because these moments are some of the best

And if not, things will be just fine the way that they are.

Only time will tell, but my cutoff is 35 and I'm a month away from turning 34, soooo...

As the Hubs said this weekend, she needs a playmate (and a swingset).  Someone is getting a little sappy in his old (ahem) age.


SG to SP said...

I wish you the best of luck with getting pregnant again and hopefully it won't take as long this time.

I definitely want another one, though not for a few more years. My husband however, says he would be perfectly happy with just one, though I say that's because he got his little boy he wanted. I think we might try again in 2-3 years. I would also like to be done by 35 and I turn 32 in two weeks so...

the workaholic momma said...

Oh girl...we have these same convos in my house...."we've just figured out one so how will we handle two?" But we will...hopefully;) I think I'm going to try and enjoy the summer and then maybe give it a go:) I wish you guys the best of luck...and don't listen to everyone one else can live your life:)

Happy Monday, chica!

Daniela said...

great post! Husband and I are in agreement that right now is not the time for us to have our first..I mean, it it happens (I'm on the pill, so...) then it's really meant to be. Other than that, we'll wait. People cannot seem to agree. There are bets being placed. Craziness.

Lauren said...

We went through the same list. The ol pros and cons. I just felt like I couldn't love another one the way I love Mia. What if Mia felt left out with all the "newness" of a baby? I've been there, sister. Now that she is 3 and much more independent, we are more comfortable with it. Now it's just the getting pregnant....
Good luck!