Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Neeli

We've almost all written about the importance of friends and that very special place we hold for them in our hearts.

Neeli is one of those people.

I met her back in my teaching days when I moved to Kansas City (with my, ahem, boyfriend; no judgies I was 22).  We both taught English and connected right away.  I remember grading papers and drinking wine on my deck after work.  I remember our girls nights.  Just she and I, belly up to the bar in downtown KC sippin' on martinis and just laughing.  Those were the days :)

I eventually moved back to St. Louis (after the breakup), but we've stayed close ever since.  We were both matrons of honor in each others weddings and we've seen each other and supported each other as we've grown our families.  We visit each other when we can, but it's not easy.  No matter how long we go without talking, it's very easy for us to take off right where we left off when we do.

Taking pictures after my wedding on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana.

Do I wish we talked more and saw each other more, of course.  But life is life and that mostly means busy, so we do what we can to keep in touch.

Today is my Neels birthday!

I truly believe we met for a reason.  There has never been a doubt in my mind that she was placed in my life for a purpose.  I'm not a believer that you just "find" these friends.  I feel they are brought to you.  She was a big reason why I was able to get through that relationship that brought me to Kansas City (he and I were together for 7 years and we met when I was only 17; do the math; I was way young for all "that," but I of course knew everything).    Friends are important pieces to our life.  Not by quantity, but certainly by quality and I am very blessed to have her.

After my wedding, rocking our wedding tanks and singing karaoke in the Dominican Republic

Mia's first time meeting her "Aunt Neeli"

One of my favorite pictures.
 If you look close enough, Mia has a huge smile on her face.

Ummmm, adorable

Kaufmann Stadium in KC, MO

So to my girl, one of my very best friends, someone I'm so thankful to have in my life, Happy Birthday!

May your day be just as special and just as beautiful as you are.

Cheers!  I'm clinking (martini) glasses with you from the other side of the state.




the workaholic momma said...

Happy Birthday, Neeli!!! Having a BFF...and one you can count always count on is truly one of life's greatest gifts...sounds like you've totally got one:)

Happy Friday!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

This is like the sweetest post ever. I can totally understand the whole "moving with the boyfriend thing." I didn't move states with my ex, but we lived together because, I knew everything. LOL.

I'm totally with you -- you don't just find these friends. They are brought to you. For a reason. I love that my close friend and I can pick up where we left off even though she's now in Atlanta and I'm in NYC. It's a one of a kind feeling and it's amazing.

Happy birthday Neeli!