Monday, April 23, 2012

No, Momma Needs To Do It

And this applies to everything.  Poop clean up, eating, bath time, washing hands, going potty on the big potty.  Everything.

My child requests me in all activities that take place over the course of our evenings and weekends.  Every single stinkin' one.

"No, Momma needs to do it."

Momma needs to change my poopy.  Momma needs to wipe my mush.  Momma needs to give me a bath. Momma needs to help me brush my teeth.  Momma needs to put on my jammies.  Momma needs to read me books. Momma needs to put me on the big potty.

I love it, I do, but sometimes Momma needs a TO.

And the look on my Hubs face when Mia won't "let" him do certain things is devastating to my heart.  He tries to help and she will sometimes throw a total fit.

Although I'm not so sure he minds the poop part.  I told him if we have another, he's changing all the poops, especially the icky, early newborn ones.

So now we work on being nice to Daddy and letting Daddy help Mommy with things.  Seriously?

I know it's just a phase, but still.

Just another one of those parenthood things I guess.

Never a dull moment, but I guess if things were dull I'd blog about that too.

Have a great week!


SG to SP said...

I told my husband since we have a boy he's in charge of potty training him, if we ever have a daughter I'll train her. After all I don't know how to work one of those "things" haha.

Emily said...

My daughter used to be like this. But then I started working again and now she prefers her dad. It's a little sad that she requests him so much more than me, but I guess it's his turn anyway. :)

Jaclyn said...

amen sister. except it isn't my child who insists, it's my husband:) Go get mom. Have mom do it. Whatevs!

{annie_loo} said...

Easton wants me to do everything too! Mommy do a common phrase at our house!!! ;)