Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Because we are as cool as we are, we have brought egg hunting to a hole' nuva' lebel.'

Thanks to my big sis for bring this awesome idea to our attention.  Saturday we had our annual Easter Egg dying party and this year added the hunt.

It was so simple.

Fill the large plastic eggs with one glow in the dark bracelet and your favorite fillins.'  After much frustration on actually keeping the eggs shut once said items are inside, we will share 2 tips: 1). tie the bracelets in knots before you put them in the egg and 2). tape the eggs shut.

We used change, candy and we had one Golden Egg with 3 $1 bills inside because we all know, as a kid, no matter the age, money is pretty awesome, but paper money is way cool.

My niece found the Golden Egg and within seconds of saying go and allowing the kids to open their eggs and explore their contents, she knew just how much money she had.  She's 6.  I was quite impressed by her mad skills.

And Miss Mia - not only was this her first true egg hunt where she had some idea what was actually going on, she also died eggs for the first time too.  It was a big day and her cousins were so helpful in showing the ropes.  The girls did a great job and Hubs is way excited that he a weeks worth of hard boiled eggs to eat.

Thanks to my cousin Dawn for catching this one
while we were inside  filling eggs for the hunt.

**Taking a small hiatus from Crockpot Mondays.  I just haven't been feeling the Crockpot with the warmer temps the past few weeks.  I may just share favorite recipes once a week and focus more on Crockpot usage during the colder months..  Still deciding.  Thoughts?


Shannon said...

Oh my! Are her hands still stained? Gray's are!

Gina said...

How awesome is this idea? Too bad I bought those teeny tiny eggs to try to cut back on L's sugar consumption. LOL.

Jamie said...

That last pic is so cute with her fingers all dyed.

Ashley said...

We did the glow in the dark hunt too and next time I will buy bigger eggs. I broke about 10 bracelets and my hands glowed right along with the eggs HA