Thursday, July 19, 2012

And Now She's Manning The Door

So Mia's newest "thing" is a 6:00 am wakeup call.  Not cool on Saturday and Sundays, but during the week it's not a major deal because I'm up anyway.

Girlfriend thinks it's play time and doesn't quite understand that I have to get ready for work so I try to include her in the things I do to get ready...we brush our teeth together, get dressed, if I'm curling my hair that day she gets a few curls in her hair, etc.

But this morning....she was not having the fact that Mommy had to go to work.

She came into the bathroom, shut the door and looked straight and me and said....

"Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyy?  I don't want you to go to work.  I want you to stay home wifff meeeeeee."

We've been trying to explain (as best you can to a 2 1/2 year old) that Mommy and Daddy have to work in order for us to have the nice things that we do.  Most of the time she has no idea what we are talking about but we continue to tell her this nonetheless.

So as I trekked downstairs to get my coffee, juice, water and breakfast bar for the road, she decided that she was going to man the door so that I couldn't leave.

She used all of her might to prevent me from leaving this morning.

"Momma, hug."  "Momma, kiss."  "Momma, I need to show you sumfing."

And then...

I tried to talk her out of my way.  I told her I would only be gone a few hours.

"Momma, you comin' home after work?"

Yes Mia.

"Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!" (as she runs the opposite direction towards her playroom)

PS.  Except on the very rare occasion I am home right after work 95% of the time, but whatever makes her happy.  That's all that matters.

Silly monkey.


momFITtingitallin said...

Yes the world of mommmmyyyy don't leave. We have worked our babies entire life but that plea for me to stay with them is oh so hard. But we still reenforce the idea that they need independent growth and learning away from us too.

Shannon said...

Aw that's cute and sweet. This is the one thing I'm dreading about Hunter learning to talk. Right now he loves daycare and as soon as I hand him off he's already forgotten about me. HA!

the workaholic momma said...

aaawww...thats SSSOO sweet but I know that made it hard for you to walk out that door this morning:( Hope you guys are having a good week!!!