Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pete And Repeat Were In a Boat

So no one really told me that kids are sneaky little nosey listeners....to everything.

You have a baby and put the buffer up a smidge and obviously as they grow a little older and start really talking and comprehending, you make that buffer a little thicker (i.e. spelling words you either don't want them to hear or know....it's almost time for B E D, we're going to go O U T S I D E after N A P).

Mia talks all day.  I'm pretty sure she's either going to be a talk show host or a lawyer cause girlfriend has some mad negotiating skills (one more Dora and theeeeen we can go brush our teeth and go to bed).

Wait a second sister, let's regroup on who is in charge around these parts.

She asks questions, a lot of them, but she also just likes to chat and she'll pick up quickly on commonly used words and phrases around the house.

Her current favorite?

"No, no, no, no, no."


Anywhoooo, have I mentioned she's attached to my hip.  Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty four seven.

"Momma, let's talk about sumfing."

Because of our schedules, we don't have a lot of family time in the car all three of us.  She is typically just with Hubs or just with me in the car.  We have car dance parties and sing, she and Dadda sing, spell and I'm sure he bores her with talk radio as he does me.

Last week, we headed to the zoo to get a tour of the new Sea Lion Sound exhibit, which is amazing if you live in the Lou or plan to visit anytime soon, and the Hubs and I were chatting away and Mia was chiming in here and there.

She was busy in the backseat reading and I made mention to the Hubs something about my vajayge, I don't recall the exact topic or reason behind our vajayjay convo (we clearly talk about anything and all things, so sorry if TMI ), but anyway...

"Momma, what's a vajayge?" (giggle, giggle)


Let's see.

How do I address this to a 2 1/2 (almost 3) year old?

"Oh, it's just a silly word sweetie." (as Hubs and I look at each other and immediately start laughing)

It was a quick reminder that we need to watch what we are saying around the littles.

She doesn't miss a beat.


Shannon said...

That's funny! I'm going to have such a hard time filtering myself as Hunter gets older especially with the cussing.

the workaholic momma said...

hahhaha...your posts never disappoint...thats hysterical!!!! Its crazy what these kids pick up on!

Kay Holt said...

This is hilarious! We are in the same boat. Peyton will be 3 next month and she is the same kinda chatter box. She picks up on all things we say. However, my husband does play a hand in TEACHING her the most embarrasing things to say lol!

[diane] said...

Oh I love this post! Sounds like something I would have written myself. I even read it to my Hubby and he laughed at how similar it sounded to us.

We've been "friends" on IG and Twitter for a bit now but I'm new to your cute blog. Thanks for the giggle today!