Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I'm Excited About Today

  • The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics are tomorrow night.  I get goosebumps when I see the commercials on TV or hear them on the radio.  My life is exciting you guys, don't hate.
  • My niece's birthday on Saturday.  I love birthdays.  They are so fun and we're celebrating for her twice in one day.  I mean these kids will have no question how much they are loved.
  • My kitchen renovation.  The project that doesn't seem to want to start itself.
  • Our deck is almost done.  The floor boards are finished and now the rails go up.  We can at least sit out there again.  Oh wait, no we can't.  It's too effing hot to do anything outside.  Stupid heat.
  • All the great ideas I have in my head for Mia's playroom.  It's getting out of control.  Too much stuff and it's only going to get worse in a few months when we have her birthday.
  • My pedicure that I got yesterday 
  • Starbucks Green Tea
  • Mia's tantrum last night that lasted almost 30 minutes.  Kidding.
  • Tomorrow is Friday

What are you excited about today?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So excited for the Olympics too!! And BOTH my besties are coming in town this week, yay!

Shannon said...

I'm excited about our kitchen reno too, we're supposed to go pick out our tile this afternoon! Finally some progress...I hope!

Can't wait to see yours and Mia's new playroom!

Britt said...

Oh kitchen renovations SUCK! BUT worth it in the end :) I STILL have to finish painting my kitchen cabinets... from earlier this year. OOOPS!