Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BumpDate: 11 Weeks

Today I am 11 weeks.

My next doctor's appointment is next Monday.  Already.  I can't wait to hear the heart beat again.

I just know that I am going to blink and this baby will be here.

I'm trying to soak it up and enjoy now that I'm feeling better, my nausea and exhaustion have subsided for the most part and it's not 413 degrees outside.

What I'm craving?: Everything under the sun.  No matter the nausea scale with this pregnancy, I've been an eating machine.  It's really helped the nausea actually.  Empty stomach, no bueno.  For a while, the smell of charcoal grilled food was enough to make me vom, but for the most part that has been the only smell that has bothered me.  I wanted candy last week and went to Walgreens and left with 5 things because I just could decide.  $10 later I had the candy I was craving.  Problems you guys.  Problems.

Funny Story Of The Week:  Sunday, typically our family day since the Hubs works most Saturdays, Mia wanted to go watch one of her shows in our bed.  By herself.  So she watched one episode of Dora and one episode of Peppa Pig.  While she was resting, I was making dinner.  When I called for her when her dinner was ready, her response?  "Ok Mom, I'm coming down."  Seriously, what are we 16?  It was definitely one of those, they grow up so fast moments.

Weight Gain: Hope not.

Work Out Regimen: Or lack thereof.  Working on getting back on the wagon after my doctor's appointment next week.  I've noticed a huge difference since I haven't been working out in my energy level and all around feelgoodness, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym and taking advantage of the nice temperatures outside.

What's Different?:  I don't remember being so hungry with Mia and I don't remember my exhaustion level being so high (note: I did not have a toddler last time, so I'm attributing it to that).

Boy or Girl:  Not 100% sure yet, now that I know we're not having twins (was seriously worried about that) I can focus more on the sex.  I was off on Mia and I'm not sure it's possible for anyone in my family to have a boy, but we'll see.  Only 8 more weeks or so.  Seriously though, I don't have a preference.  I really don't.  There is something to be said about sisters, but a boy in the family would be fun too!

Sleep:  Amazing.  I'm focusing on being a good girl and getting to bed at a decent hour, especially during the work week.  The peeing is more frequent as of late, but overall sleep is great!

Labor Signs: Ummmm...no thank you.

Movement: Some, but I'm pretty sure it's just gas.  TMI. You're welcome.

What I Miss:  Energy, but that's about it at the moment.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Fall and all that comes with it.  Halloween.  Decorating. Fuzzy socks. Fall, cozy smells burning on my Scentsy. Yep.  I am.


the workaholic momma said...

I was SO into anything sweet when I was pregnant with Addie...crazy how your hormones do that to you;) Your baby belly is adorable...and I am so excited for you guys!!!

PS I cannot wait for fall too...this summer has been the pits!!

April Westerhold said...

Wow! I can tell that I have been working all summer and not keeping up with my blogs. Congratulations! I say it's a boy . . . doesn't the man determine this?

Can't wait to watch your progression.

Erika said...

So so sweet! Can't wait to follow you along:-)

Shannon said...

I love reading weekly updates!

I'm STILL trying to put together a photobook of my pregnancy including all my weekly updates, it's so fun to go back and read them now.

[diane] said...

Love your sweet little bump! And I agree - keeping a little something in your tummy at all times will help the nausea. Excited for you and hope you feel great always!

Lindsey said...

So glad that we look about the same. I was starting to get worried. Of course it grows as the day progresses and I have meals and snacks.. but last night I look like I did when 25 weeks with Connor! Is your appointment on the 27th?

Kay Holt said...

We are hoping to rule out twins as well. Well not rule out because what a blessing...though my hubs is a little freaked at the notion. And bc I took Clomid there is a slight possibility. Love this post may steal when I get far enough along for a bumpdate.

Kelli said...

Cute little baby bump. I can't wait to hear how you told your husband! I'm so excited for you! Yay for Wolff cubs!!!

SEL said...

You look great!

I think you can definitely attribute some of your tiredness to chasing around Mia. ;)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better! THat first trimester is the pits!