Friday, April 1, 2011


I was excited all day and had been excited for most of this week anticipating the big day. I'm kind of ridiculous when it comes to Cardinals baseball. I get goosebumps, anxious, excited. I just can't wait to go to the games. The anticipation of the drive downtown is some times more than I can handle (at max 45 minutes by the way). Sitting in a line of cars waiting to find the perfect $25 parking space is sometimes more than I can take. Anywaaaaay, after hubs picked me up from work, we did a gas station run (tradition - we each get a beer for the walk from the car to the first bar and they are less than $2.00, anywhere else down there, they would be at least $8.00 and you get way less beer, parents on a budget and priorities people) and ATM run, we were finally on our way.
For a moment yesterday, it felt like the old days. Hubs and I, two baseball tickets and not a care in the world. We spent some time at the bar (shocker) before and after the game. We met up with my Dad and some of his buddies (they could not be any cuter, all retired guys that hang out together, eat and drink beer, it's the life I tell ya). We talked with young people that were making fun of each other for being 26 and 29, calling each other old, "talk to me when your 29" type conversations. Mark and I just looked at each other and smiled. You guys have no idea :) Not one of them had an ounce of body fat and one of the guys was supposedly from Australia. I don't often trust or believe people with an accent. It always makes me second guess the person and wonder if they are telling the truth or not. Not sure why really. Just me. Don't judge.
Another Opening Day has come and gone. Back to work today for a full day of commercial real estate fun. We had a really great time and even though we lost (Boo! Sad face), it was nice to have an afternoon with my hubby. We don't get much alone time anymore, so I will take as many hours with him as I can. Plus he's so cute. I sometimes forget how handsome he is (i.e. didn't manage to take a picture of the two of us yesterday, fail, however I think my dad has one).
I didn't get a ton of pictures, but here are a few. I bought an awesome Nikon last fall after I sat on and broke my pocket sized digital camera. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I don't take it with me very often in fear of losing it (Hubby did point this out as being a potential issue with the larger, much more expensive camera, just wanted to take a moment to give him credit, even though I still didn't listen), so most of my pictures come from my phone (not bad, but definitely not my Nikon). I need to get another smaller camera for these types of events. I'll just add that to my WANT list, along with a laptop for home (because I'm too lazy to go upstairs to the office to use the computer and don't always bring my work computer home), black rocking chairs for my front porch (bday present from last year that have some how not made an appearance yet), and so, so much more!
Happy Weekend (almost)!
And to the pictures (sheesh someone's chatty today):
My nail spirit...nail art pens are awesome!
Sitting on the highway overlooking our destination. Paddy O's is a infamous pre/post game hangout during baseball season. This year they expanded and added a rooftop patio (get it...paddyo :)) so it was even more crazy than usual!
On our walk from the car to the bar, thought this was cool.
So many people and not a cloud in the sky, although a bit chilly, not a bad day at all.
Heehee....a drinking town with a baseball problem.
Having a beer with Dad pre-game.
From our some of my job perks!
Spacing appears better today, but not perfect. Was one long paragraph until I added the pics and that spaced everything out with some modifying on my end. I still don't get it and it's still annoying me.


Ashley Paige said...

I want to be old and retired and hang out and drink beers!! i love baseball season- more so for the cheap nosebleed tickets, the warm sun and footlong hot dogs and overpriced beer! im from north jersey (so a yankees fan, by birth) and can you believe that it was FLURRYING during Opening Day morning yesterday? This is unbelievable baseball weather! Crazy! I just don't think I can get into the spirit watching the Orioles down here.. We'll have to wait and see! Love your spirit nails! Haha :)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

A drinking town with a baseball problem! HA! My book club? We call it a wine club with a reading problem.

Love your manicure!

bananas. said...

i love baseball!!!!!! i went to a game on friday and watched the rest of the games on TV on saturday and sunday. so. much. fun. and o' course i drank like a frat boy. good times!!!