Monday, April 11, 2011

The Challenge with a dash of Accountability

This week poses a new element to my personal weight loss challenge. I am cutting out all alcohol Monday thru Friday. Eeeeekssss! I'm a wine-aholic. Not really, but pretty close. I love my glass of wine (or two) each night, however it makes me lazy and the sugar, well might explain some of the extra pudge I've got goin' on. So hear we go, day one, week one of the no alcohol challenge. My goal is to keep this up for the next 11 weeks before I head off on my Mexican vacay. Each week, this is what I have set out to accomplish: 3 - 30 minute cardio sessions, whatever I want. 1 - yoga session with husband, at home after child is sleeping. Hopefully I can get through this without laughing the whole time. I'm awesome with yoga, by myself. With others, not so great. I've done it with my sister in the past and it was laugh attack city! Seriously though, yoga is so beneficial and I'm still convinced it had a lot to do with my successful pregnancy and short delivery (less than 40 minutes of actual pushing). 1 - weight training session (I would really like buff arms like Cameron Diaz, but that would require me becoming an actress, having the flexibility (and funds) to work with a trainer, oh and date and work out with A-Rod). To help keep me motivated I am documenting every workout and my weight, each day. Oh and did I mention I also work full-time and I'm a Mom? I do have a gym here at work, so I will utilize that at least once a week, during lunch, to help out with the "schedule." The first couple of weeks are going to be crazy, but once I get a routine going it will be great. This week - cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, weights on Friday and yoga on Wednesday. Friday's going to be tough, but I think I can do it. I'm normally a zombie by then. Let the results begin!


d.a.r. said...

Good luck!!! I think it's awesome that you are trying to make it a priority even with all of the other stuff you have going on. Moms amaze me :)

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Thanks! I appreciate the extra encouragement! I'm gonna need it. :)