Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does Anyone Have A Kleenex?

I must tell you that last night was a rough one for me. Why? Well, let me start by explaining that I have a very soft spot in my heart when it comes to my child. Since I went back to work last January 18, 2010 we have been blessed that all of her sitters have been family. I've had the Mommy blues that I work and don't get to experience the day to day like a lot of Moms do, but with time I've gotten better with it. Monday - Thursday, we've always had it figured out. Fridays - she spends the day with Daddy. There are some perks to running your own business and one of them is definitely Daddy/Daughter Fridays. The rest of the week she bounces from house to house and some of them even just come to ours, but regardless we are so thankful we've never had to put her in a daycare full of strangers, kids and germs. One of Mia's regular sitters, our cousin, is also a real estate agent and her business has grown by leaps and bounds this past year. Awesome for her, but sad for us because she just doesn't have the time to watch Mia like she used to. Que call to girlfriend and Mia's swimming lesson buddy last week. She's a SAHM with two kids and one of them is just a few months older than Mia. They took swimming lessons together last summer and had a blast.

Can we point out how little these two are and that was less than a year ago? BIG Mom sigh.

She stays home and watches some other children during the day and has always offered up her "services" if we ever got in a bind or needed something more permanent. To be honest, I'm not sure how she does it after she explained it to me. I would be emotionally and physically drained by the end of the day, even more so than I am right now. They have a curriculum, nap time, summers will include parks, the pool and all the other fun that goes along with the warmer months. I hope it works out. I think it will be wonderful to have the "peer interaction" (as my teacher Mother called it). Today is the big first day! I think she will have an absolute blast being around the younger kids and especially one so close in age. Last night, around 8:00 I became a weeping basket case. The kind of mother, that I never thought I would ever be. The one that cries her heart out the night before our "little" girl goes to her first real sitter. Why? I'm not sure. Again, this sitter is a great friend of mine, so I know her well and I trust that Mia will be in very good hands. There is no reason for me to be nervous or anxious, but she's my little baby and this is a big deal for me. Hubby and I talked a lot last night about how quickly she is growing up (Hubby was working in the office and I made him come downstairs to console me during my moment of mommy weakness, god love him for dropping his work for his wifey), how she is becoming more independent and less needy of us. I cannot even imagine what it will be like when she gets on the bus that first day of kindergarten, but Hubby and I do know that we will be taking that entire day off. Oh and on the no alcohol front, if you've been following along, didn't apply last night. It was a unique situation and therefore I gave myself a pass. Haha! Now I'm just waiting for my phone call from Hubby to tell me that drop off went just fine and she wasn't screaming for us (note: she seldom notices when we leave with the other sitters, she just goes about her business and sometimes will wave Bye Bye). My lovely child and her scheduled lifestyle. She's so easy going and most days will just go with the flow. Maybe Mommy needs to take a few lessons from her.
Update: Hubby called and drop off was great! And I just got this picture from my friend. Clearly she is doing just fine. Chill out Mom!


A Mommy in the City said...

It is always so hard to leave them, even with family or a family friend! So glad she did so well.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the day. Dawn was worried too! The only one not concerned was Mia apparently. :)

She's just darn lucky to have a Mom who stressed so much over this event.

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Thanks guys! I made it through the day and she wasn't quite ready to leave when I went to go pick her up! She was wiped out from her busy day and still sound asleep when I left for work this morning!