Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Wow! Fun weekend! So much going on with family! I love those kind. For your viewing pleasure, I'm pleased to present...my weekend in pictures: Playing in the dirt (mulch) and with her now favorite toy, a bucket filled with water, some cups and a shovel:

Annual tradition with my family and the kids, dying Easter eggs (Mia missed out this year because she had to nap, darn those things get in the way sometimes):

After eggs, the kids had fun outside enjoying the weather (mid 80's and sunny all weekend in the Lou), playing with bubbles, water and climbing the tree in our front yard (The Mom's sipped on wine and were enjoying some relaxation in our chairs while monitoring and preparing for any disaster relief or intervention!!):


The Pink Tutu said...

Oh how cute!! I love dying easter eggs :)

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Thanks! Me too! One of my favorite memories as a kid and I love to see my nieces get so into it. Mia will be ready by next Easter!