Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double Dose...Respect and Communication (and a lil' bit of juju)

It's very simple, to me anyway. There are two small, but rather large things that can make effective people and positive contributors to society. These two simple things can make the world a better place, but are they truly that simple? Why is it that so many people struggle with these two things? Where has respect gone? Why is this lacking in society? In my big girl job, I have the word Manager in my title, so I have to deal with a lot of BS and some days I feel like I'm babysitting, but it's part of the gig so whatever...moving on...I always end up reverting to the same exact comment every time there is an "issue." If we all just communicate and respect one another this (these) problems will go away and often never exist in the first place. Easier said than done right? Not really, but that is my oh so humble opinion anyway. 1. Think before you speak. You can avoid a lot of "uh-oh" moments if you do so and often people sound like a jumbley mess if they don't get their thoughts together before they open their mouths. 2. Don't act like you are better than anyone or ever talk down to ANYONE, ever (ahem...that is not effective, just demeaning, selfish and rude). We all work (or are working) to get where we are (or where we dream to be) and everyone started way down at the bottom in little peon, make the coffee land. 3. Share ideas and don't steal them. Don't take credit for others. That's bad juju. 4. Listen to others. I get so aggravated when I have to repeat myself. It is one of my biggest pet peeves, that I am guilty of myself. I will begin speaking (interrupting) to someone before they are finished. I get so worried I will forget what I am going to say that I just open up my yapper and fly away. So RUDE, but I'm working on it. Just glad I'm not the only one! 5. Benefit one another. And avoid bringing in negativity; it is not effective. Rid your life as best you can from people that do not benefit you. This is often difficult at work, but find your happy place or at least try. 6. Realize that accomplishments don't always require recognition. I agree that it is nice to receive a pat on the back every once in a while, a "good job" or a "nice work, "but we are all adults and you are supposed to be doing a job. You shouldn't be rewarded just for doing what you were hired to do. That is why you were hired and that is what is expected. 7. Be thankful you are employed. Realize that in the wake of the economic state that continues in this country (no political comments or blame games here please and thank you) there still remain many, many people that are unemployed. Don't take advantage of your position in this market. Embrace your skills and position and do your job. I'm going to say's not always about the $$ (but please realize I do know that it holds a ton of weight; I just don't like it). 8. Realize there will always be bad people (refer back to Number 5). People who take your credit, take your spotlight, point out your observations as they were theirs and walk the earth like they were born better than you or anyone else. These people are unfortunate, as they have to validate themselves through putting others down. These are not good people, but they are in our lives to teach us very valuable lessons about honesty and trust, so embrace the learning opportunity instead of allowing it to make you angry. 9. Don't fabricate anything. Tell the truth and be honest. Most would appreciate you admitting to the error or the mistake, rather than lie or fluff about it. 10. Appreciate your co-workers and make the most out of your day. Very few people love to go into work each and everyday, but many of us don't have a choice as to whether we work or not. So embrace it for what it is and do your very best to contribute positively each and every day. You will be better for it and there will be a lot of people that thank you and that is the best reward after all. Remember and believe in the power of juju. It's strong and it will get ya!

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