Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts O' Random

Just a few random thoughts on this kinda sunny, freezing cold Thursday: 1. I really love getting my car washed. It's right up there with the feeling I get when my house is clean, just with way less work. 2. Speaking of washing, Mia really needs a bath. I should probably do that tonight. 3. Also speaking of washing (last one, promise) I was so excited when our new house had a nice big soaking tub in my bathroom. I haven't taken many baths, but I have taken a few. Sunday morning (when I was home alone, no hubby, no baby, freakishly quiet) I decided to induldge. After a night out with the hubby and maybe one too many vodka cocktails I thought it would be a good way to start. Only problem, I can't fill it up all the way - not enough hot water. What is the freakin' point of taking a bath if your whole body is not soaking? I get freezing almost immediately and it ends up not being as relaxing as expected. 4. I've never quite understood why big trucks (tractor trailers, especially those with two trailers) freak me out so badly. My heart stops and my palms start sweating whenever I or anyone else passes one and it's way worse when I am not behind the wheel (otherwise known as not in control). My dear hubby thinks it's funny and teases me when he's driving. He'll ride right next to them just to watch me sweat and right before I go into a panic attack he'll drive past. NOT NICE! 5. Drivers are really annoying me lately. Having to commute to and from work every single day (sigh) I am really beginning to really, really dislike bad drivers. And it keeps getting worse. Now I am by no means perfect, but I try to not be one of "those." I tell myself to chill out and some days I'm good, but others I am so easily annoyed. Primarily the left lane drivers who are convinced they can drive at grandma speed. At least the speed limit people, that is all I ask, otherwise move over and let us go by. Christmas Eve (Happy Holidays to you too lady) some lady flipped me the bird not 5 minutes into my commute. She was a raging loony and I promise I did nothing wrong (of course I didn't, never do). I visualized a chasing her, is that bad? (Thanks Dad! - haha!!). 6. I really want to paint an accent wall in our master bedroom...and I want it to be striped and red. I've been working on this one for a while. Not sure it will ever happen, but it's part of my overall vision. Had to keep the bedset simple for my hubby, so I'm working with gray, black and white. Very sleek, but I need color. I'm a color person. Stripes are hard and time consuming. Plus our ceiling is vaulted so I question if it will look weird. Maybe I should just do it red and no stripes. We'll see....spring project #501. 6. Last but not least, my assistant is out today so I am holding down this fort of an office all by my lonesome. We have a bell up front that people ring when they come into the office and no one is at the front desk (i.e. Myrrah's desk). As with most days, I'm enjoying my lunch and typing away. If it goes off one more time... Happy Thursday!

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