Monday, January 24, 2011


What a weekend I had! I spent a lot of time running around, but it was nice to get out and have a little alone time all by myself! I love when I feel like I have time! Quick (it's not really that quick to be honest - I'm kinda wordy today) Recap... Friday night - enjoyed some quality time with my baby! As soon as I walked in the door from work I got a "Momma!" and had her cuteness came running towards me to pick her up. It doesn't get much better than that. Once she went to bed Mark and I cuddled up with a nice bowl of popcorn and a movie. We've really gotten back into movies since we bought our new TV. We watched more in the past month than we have in the past year. Friday night was The Social Network. He and are both fans of Facebook, so it was interesting to see the movie. From the reports we have seen with Mark Zuckerberg (60 Minutes interview) they didn't get much right except his t-shirts, but it was still entertaining nonetheless. Saturday morning - 5:00 am Mia wake up call - wasn't ready to accept that - so I gave her a bottle and back to bed she went until about 7:00 - works for me! We played and read books all morning (Momma had some much needed coffee) until Daddy got up around 9:30. Then it was more books - "Dadda lead (read)!" How can you resist that cute little face and her cute little words? She just runs up to you, wants to climb up and sit next to you and listen to a story. This kid LOVES to read. On average (a weekend or a week day home with her) I bet we read 10 books and that is before the usual 3-4 at bedtime. I really hopes she loves to read forever! Saturday - 11:15 am - And I'm off...on a me afternoon. I was looking forward to this for quite some time. I've only had the gift card since June. A little bit of a late start, I couldn't find this place, but I eventually made it even after my GPS on my phone failed me. A one hour massage at an Aveda salon. If you are not a product person like I am than maybe you will not quite understand my excitement. But I love salons, I love getting my hair done, my nails done, spa treatments, you name it I am in! I am also a big fan of smells, especially essential oils. It's very relaxing to me. Aveda is the mother of essential oils and you just don't see too many salons that carry their products anymore. Anywhoo....based on a few questions, they put together the perfect oil for my massage and let me tell you it was great. I knew it was going to be awesome when she started by rubbing oil on my feet and wrapping my feet in hot towels. "Ummmm excuse me, but this is a perfect way start to this hour!" It was wonderful and relaxing, exactly what I needed. This was my first time at this particular salon and I would definitely recommend it - Salon de Christe in St. Charles. Saturday - 1:45 (well more like 2:00, she was running late) - I had a hair date with the best lady in the business. She has been doing my hair since I was 15. Again, I am a bit of a spa snob, been around them since I was 15 1/2 working at Beauty Outlet on Manchester Road. I loved that place. It truly turned me into a spa diva. If only I had more expendable income to spend at these places. I can't complain though. I typically get a couple of massages a year, my hair done what seems like constantly and a mani/pedi here and there. It's like I tell my husband - "Looking this good is a lot of work!" He's thinking it's a lot of money! haha! Saturday - approximately 4:00 (was trying to not watch the clock for one day out of my life) - back home and full of energy. I wasn't quite ready for couch time, but I did know I was starving. I had a couple of cups of coffee and 2 Nutri Grain bars for breakfast and nothing since then, so my stomach was angry. So I decided I wanted to go out to eat. Mark wasn't game - he was home all day and snacking and really didn't want a meal. I'll just take Mia by myself. This could go well or it could go reeeeallly bad. She's at the phase where the public is just not the place for her to be. Sitting still is not really her forte and she will last all of about 0.2 seconds before she wants to stand up, get out, run around, etc. Thank God for belts in strollers and high chairs. But I thought why not, let's just try this. She just so stinkin' cute and perfect in every other way so let's do it. It's a date - just Momma and Mia. I must say it went pretty well besides the fact that I felt super rushed the whole time and felt bad because I was rushing the waitress (I did apologize and explained myself in advance, as a product of having to endure the tough love of a job in customer service most of my working life I truly empathize with these poor people). I just didn't want her to cause a "scene." She loved her food and even more so the ice cream treat at the end. So as we left (I purposely parked so we would pass right by Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works when walking back to the car) and I decided let's try some shopping and let's really push the envelope. Go me! I am Wonder Woman and my child is perfect. She's been sitting for an hour so why wouldn't she want to sit for another one. Instead of heading home on a happy note why not try to embarrass ourselves or stress Mom out. OK, I knew better. This did not go well and I ended up carrying a screaming child out of Victoria's Secret while everyone else looked at me like I was a crazy mother. My bad. Saturday - parents time (after 7:30 most nights) - I wasn't really feeling another movie, but Mark was. He played some movie about people trapped in a cave (Um, no thanks) and I tried to ignore it while checking Facebook and playing Angry Birds (my new favorite app and addiction currently). I don't like horror movies, at all! I think I was traumatized as a child. I used to dream that my dad turned into the Incredible Hulk after I went to bed. Thanks Dad! It was a nice, lazy evening. Me likey those kind! Sunday - 10:15 am - I woke up! Hubby took morning duty and I slept in! I slept in! Let me repeat...I slept in! It was awesome and I felt kinda guilty, but refreshed. I could have slept all day - it was one of those kind of mornings. It was otherwise fairly uneventful the whole day, but wonderful! Mark got some gym time and we all had some play time. I so love my weekends, especially when we aren't expected anywhere and don't have a scheduled agenda. Those are the best. This month has been like that for us and that's pretty awesome because it doesn't happen very often. Like everyone else, I'm really looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temperatures. I'm ready for time outside and all that comes with the spring and summer - Cardinals baseball, parks, BBQs, etc. I hate to rush winter, but I'm ready for spring. So enough of you Old Man Winter! Have a great week!

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